The Jenuine Article Blog was launched in August 2016 as a hub for fashion and lifestyle lovers with a passion for new trends and adventure.

This site is a quick growing community of ambitious fashionistas who want to see the world, and want to look good and feel better whilst doing it!

If you love fashion week or watching red carpet events, but struggle to transfer the looks into something “wearable” then The Jenuine Article Blog is the right place for you. All budgets are catered for with regular posts featuring whole outfit inspiration for under £50/ £150/£500. Go on, take a peek, get inspired and liberate your wardrobe.

The Jenuine Article Blog is relatively new but my passion for fashion and lifestyle has been lifelong. As the author I am also new to writing, so your feedback and comments are really valued. Despite this, since launching, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some wonderful fashion brands including JORD watches with many more on the horizon. This blog won’t flood your inbox, my focus is on quality content on an approximately once weekly basis.

The Jenuine Article Blog came to be when I found myself a little lost as a new mum of boy/girl twins. I had 8 months of not really feeling myself and then BANG, my babies arrived and I was gifted a whole new facet to my identity “Mummy”. I needed something to still feel like me and to enable myself to be the mother they needed. So with my copious amounts of spare time (sarcasm) I decided to pursue my fashion dream.

A country girl living in London, a frustrated writer, stylist, photographer, food critic and travel journalist. This blog is my creative outlet for these frustrations. Where I can flex my creative muscles, share my thoughts and ponder the things that really matter like… Is leopard print a neutral? can floral prints work for winter?  or How can a grown woman wear pink and be taken seriously? But be warned… I am the owner of a very dry sense of humour, some posts will demonstrate this, usually (but not always) I am the butt of my own jokes.

Do you have a trend you are in love with but can’t seem to make it work for your occasion/body type/budget?

Are you thinking of spending big time on an investment item but aren’t sure it will stand the test of time?

Do you love the latest “it bag” but want to find a more affordable option?

Then drop me a line or comment on a post and I would be happy to help (see contacts page). Alternatively you can reach me on Twitter @JenuineStyle or Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thejenuinearticle

Thanks for visiting.