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Scarf Print


Cast your mind back to Summer 2018. The mood was neutral, with organic fabrics and natural textures. If you weren’t dressing like someone who’d morphed into a part human, part scarecrow hybrid – all straw, rattan and raffia- Where were you? Cue scarf print, this seasons antidote to all things neutral.

This emerging trend edit delves into the particulars of this Scarf Print trend. Where has it come from? How long will it be around? and most importantly, how can we wear it? All this and more will be considered. Guys!!! This your cue for a cuppa and a biscuit or twelve. Get yourself comfy because this trend is addictive. You may find yourself  heading down an online shopping rabbit hole once you’re done with reading this post.

Fashion blogger demonstrates styling ideas for a midi skirt

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The scarf print trend this season has many influences. There are undercurrents of bohemian, orientalist and even retro Versace vibes. Scarf print is bold, brash, decadent and everything inbetween. During fashion weeks across the globe, this print (along with its big sister- Chain print) has definitely staked its claim as one of the prints of the coming season in all its gaudy glory. Of course, if you know scarf print isn’t for you be sure to check out some of the other big trends such as the Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends: Animal Print that is continuing its popularity into Spring.

How to wear Midi Skirts in Spring

The Royal Seal of Approval:

Also known as Balmoral Chic, this name is attributed to the claim that The Queen has a soft spot for this print- she regularly incorporates scarf print into her off-duty looks. I can just imagine Her Majesty being delighted that Scarf and Chain Prints are coming to smash the calm neutrals of the print trends of past seasons and reign over Spring/Summer ’19 as the pattern of the moment. An obvious pun I know, but if you’ve read my posts previously you’ll know I find such things impossible to resist.

How to wear the Scarf Print trend

This Regal print was once a regular on the fashion scene, though absent for several years it has been re-emerging as a trend since Autumn/Winter ’18. At around this time Richard Quinn was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Quinn had a collection at the time which packed some serious punch. It was the embodiment of the term more is more. Quinn has galvanised the revival of the print and has set the tone for the new way to wear these otherwise traditional and eclectic patterns.

It’s perhaps due to the stark contrast between this and the neutrals of the past Seasons that make the trend exciting. It feels genuinely fresh and new. It’s not just been the high-end designers such as Quinn, Valentino and Paul & Joe that are celebrating Scarf print. Highstreet favourites ASOS, Zara, H&M and Mango are all delivering some very wearable pieces that pack on the WOW factor. Though this is a trend and somewhat inevitably that creates an element of fast fashion, there is a great deal of potential to shop sustainably for scarf print items. Vintage and Charity shops can be a haven for scarf print items and are well worth a look if you are wanting to be environmentally kinder.

Invest in this trend and it will see you well into the Summer months, with items currently on the Highstreet ticking a number of boxes.

How to style a pleated midi skirt

Key ways to wear scarf print this season:

– Print clashing with florals, chain print, stripes, plaid.
– Pleated fabric (as worn in pictures) or/and an asymmetric hem.
– Blown up print (think like a square silk scarf on a much larger, bolder scale).
– Layer scarf print on scarf print. This works with both matching and clashing colour palettes.
– Pair down with denim and natural fabric accessories (yeah that trend from Summer isn’t over its just got an update).

Ultimately with this one, the key is not to just wear the trend, but to become the trend. This is not the 80’s, slinging a silk scarf around your neck or fixing it around your head – Sloane Ranger style, simply will not cut it. This season, the scarf print should be the outfit and not the accessory.

I hope you. enjoyed  reading this post… Now tell me, what biscuits did you have with your tea?

XOXO Jennifer

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