5 Wardrobe Staples that make great Date Night Outfits

5 Wardrobe Staples that make great Date Night Outfits

The idea of date night dressing can sometimes feel a little….dated (yes, line one and I’m already hitting the puns hard). Here are 5 wardrobe staples that make great date night outfits. Simple, effective, chic and versatile, these staples (when re-imagined) will help you to feel excited to get dressed up.

It’s that time of year, the pressure looms and you may feel the need to do/wear something special. Whether you are a fan of Valentines day or not, the reality is its getting harder to ignore. Take control now about feeling good on your terms. Im not going to be sharing “cutesy” looks that are only appropriate on Valentines day. Remember, if you’re thinking about wearing a heart print dress, a pink and red combo or any derivative of such a look then consider that you won’t be the only one who got that memo. Date looks are best when they say a little about who YOU are.

For me, the most important factors to consider when looking for date night outfits are the four “F’s”: Flattering, flexible, fast and fashionable. These 5 key items meet this criteria in abundance and that creates options and options are exciting, you feel powerful that you can choose quickly and easily. Being excited about what you are wearing is the first step to making a casual date night (or a girls night out and any other occasion for that matter) feel like more of an occasion.

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Wearing: Sunglasses Valentino (last season). Co-Ord from Miss Selfridge- not online (available via ASOS) Shoes from Converse and bag Azurina Store (gifted)

The Co-Ord’ Set: 

The Co-ord’ set has been trending for the last two years. There are several reasons for its enduring popularity. First off, a Co-ord’ has all the style and edge of a jumpsuit and only a fraction of the risk of camel toe! Because they are separates they work on many more body types and you can select varying sizes for tops and bottom. They are also far more versatile as they can be worn as separate pieces, they are easily dressed up as date night outfits or down for everyday wear and on those days when you are simply lacking a little imagination – you have a complete and easy outfit at your fingertips. A good suit can also fall into this category and you can find all my styling tips on on the suit trend here.

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My top picks to buy now:

Highstreet Favourite: Stripes are set to become a huge trend for SS19 and this co-ord is the perfect integration of  the print & Other Stories Sheer Chevron Top & Other Stories A-Line Striped Skirt.

Mid & Plus Size: The Animal print look, remains a big player this season Simply Be Leopard (top) Simply Be Leopard (Bottom).

Maternity: This set walks the line between pyjamas and day wear perfectly. 10/10 on the comfort score. Alternatively, you could chuck on some statement accessories and easily pass as “dressed-up” New Look Twist Black Ribbed (Top) New Look Black Ribbed (Trousers)

Petite: Emerging colour trends are blues, earth tones and green. Yellow continues to be a hit after featuring heavily in the Autumn/Winter runways colour palette River Island Mustard (Top) River Island Mustard (Bottoms).

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The Glossy Trench Coat:

EfFortlessly cool. Day or night wear. The addition of a glossy trench can make even your old faithful jeans and a t-shirt combo’ look like something special. This is an item that you only need to buy once and it will last you a lifetime. A total staple and a modern day classic.

My top picks to buy now: 

If you are looking for something affordable that looks expensive then this Tan Patent Trench from Warehouse is just the ticket, a total steal at £89. Alternatively, this slightly pricier black number by Rains (check out fashionista.com for style inspiration, the Belgian based blogger absolutely nails everyday looks in her Vinyl coat) available exclusively via Net-a-Porter, £160.

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Wide Leg Jeans:

Jeans, they don’t seem like something perfect for a date night. Wide leg cut jeans are different. They are almost trouser like in their structure and they offer more of a put together silhouette. I really like this pair from Swedish brand Weekday.

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This is another alternative to the glossy trench coat. A blazer adds structure date night outfits that may otherwise be too soft or bland. With a blazer you can create a striking silhouette and it’s also a great way to add texture and colour. I am a big fan of this oversized blazer from Zara. Blazers offer a great opportunity for print clashing and layering, this way of styling them creates countless date night looks.

Over the Knee Boots:

This style boot, especially heeled versions are perfect for taking an outfit from day to night. Pair with maxi dresses, midi dresses, sweater dresses, skinny jeans, leather effect trousers or midi skirts. Check out my Pinterest board for heaps of inspiring imagery. My favourites are from Mango and I like them because they have a decent block heel and are sophisticated in their appearance – certain materials and heel types can look cheap.

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I love this cutout bag, that was gifted to me from Azurina Store.

So there you have it. 5 Wardrobe staples that make great date night outfits. I guarantee you will already own at least one of these items. Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Jennifer xoxo


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