My Top 5 Beauty Discoveries of 2018

My Top 5 Beauty Discoveries of 2018

2018 was a great year for product discovery, I’ve been fortunate enough to try a great number of products. Some have been GAMECHANGERS, some have replaced products I loved and some didn’t tickle my pickle. This post is dedicated to the standout products I tried in 2018 from Makeup to haircare and all the skincare in between, here is my top 5 beauty discoveries of 2018.

Pixi by Petra – Liplift Max:

I shared this product in my Autumn Beauty Review. I have been wearing it ever since, it is multi-functional (a lipstick, lip treatment,  apply it prior to lipstick as a base or even as a lipstick topper – it creates a stunning lacquered effect). The shade “Honey Sheen” is universally flattering and lets be honest, do you really need any more reasons as to why this little gem is deserving of a coveted spot in your makeup bag? No, I didn’t think so.

This is a volume-maximizing lip product that contains (borderline magical) Peptides which hydrate, firm and plump – a powerful trifecta that really boost my lips. On application it delivers a really pleasant cooling sensation and glossy finish. What’s more, it has added aloe, jojoba and camomile which means it heals, moisturises and soothes. Exactly what I’ve needed in this changeable weather. A side hustle of this wonder buy? If you apply before enjoying a hot chocolate, the lip lift has a Fresh mint flavour which compliments coco perfectly, Yummy!

 Beauty Blur Skintone Optimizer (£29.95) from Vita Liberata delivers:

This is one of those products that you probably think you don’t really need, I mean, its neither a foundation or a primer, its not a highlighter, its a little bit of everything. Then you try it and you can’t ever imagine being without it. It is the perfect tool to create “no make up, make up”.

Its a hardworking, multi-purpose product that provides a great light coverage and evens skin tone. If, like me, sometimes you struggle to find time in the mornings  (The kind of mad rush where you have to make a choice to brush your teeth or your hair and II hope it goes without saying which one always wins!?) then you need a makeup that does it all. Look. No. Further. The Beauty Blur Skintone Optimizer (£29.95) from Vita Liberata delivers.

Flawless complexion? Absolutely. Radiant Glow? Err, pass my sunglasses please. If you are intrigued by this product, how I use it or others from the range then check out my post Glow Getter where all of this is featured.

The Body Shop Skin defence primer:

A total no brainer when it came to making my top 5 beauty discoveries of 2018, this little miracle goes everywhere with me. The skin defence primer is the perfect marriage of sun protection and make-up. With a milky/watery texture that absorbs quickly into the skin and countless active ingredients that brighten and add to the skins luminosity. Not only does this provide UV filters, it also helps defend against day to day aggressors, perfect if you suffer from “City Skin”.

My skin has not looked this full and youthful since I’ve been out of nappies (and no I’m not referring to the post C-section ones).  I love the way my makeup applies after using this, no caking or creasing, just smooth loveliness. I first used this on a trip to Las Vegas and featured it in my post Las Vegas Trip: Beauty Essentials, it is no longer just a travel essential, this primer is my daily favourite.

Klorane Dry-Shampoo with Oat Milk:

The only way this dry shampoo could get any better is if it got in the shower and washed, dried, styled my hair for me.

One use and I was in love. A year on and I’m still an avid fan. The volume and bounce this dry shampoo gave my hair is nothing short of “commercial worthy”. This product easily gives me extra days from a blow-dry, freeing up some much needed time to pick up pieces of cereal from the floor (I have toddler twins that can create more distruction in 2 minutes than Monkeys on your car in a Safari park).

Glow Lab Gel Cleanser:

The Glow Lab philosophy is to combine the power of nature with science to create powerful and natural skincare. What can I say? Philosophy fulfilled! Bravo Glow Lab. The gel cleanser does an incredible job – it’s gentle, removes pollutants, has antibacterial properties and is a natural astringent that doesn’t dry out my skin. The packaging is unbelievably chic, it looks expensive with its minimal labelling and brown “old apothecary” style bottle.

I apply 1 pump of this to dry skin and then wet my hands with warm water and lather the cleanser. I wipe off with a warm, soft flannel and pat my skin dry. Following this I apply my favourite serum which I reviewed in my post Beauty Review- My top beauty products from 2017. I first tried this cleanser in January 2018 and I am still loving it now.

Ever struggled with dull and lack-lustre skin? Do you find yourself dreaming of that illustrious glow. Me too, until I discovered this new skincare routine.

Let me know your favourite beauty discoveries in the comments below.

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