Autumn: The Beauty Review

Autumn: The Beauty Review

I can’t quite believe we’re here. Black Friday is done and dusted, Halloween seems so long ago and (don’t hate me for this) it seems Christmas is around the corner. I am so excited for the Festivities this year, I have already spent an unhealthy amount of time in a Pinterest abyss trying to source a nut roast recipe, I’m on a mission to find one so good it could convert a T-rex to adopt a plant based diet. As it has been a little while since I shared a monthly beauty review, I thought I’d bundle them all together and share with you what products haven’t left my side this season.

Mellow Naturals:

A collection of serums from Mellow Naturals Skincare, photographed alongside Vogue magazine and some fancy squash in an Autumnal lifestyle image

Mellow Naturals is a natural luxury skin care line. I was fortunate enough to be gifted their full collection of facial serums and I fell in love with two of the formulas. The brand is opposed to synthetic chemical-filled beauty and prides itself on nature-based alternatives. They claim these naturally potent products are safer, non-toxic, more effective, and what’s more, they provide sustainable results. The natural ingredients are sourced from Thailand and throughout Asia. Mimicking traditional practices to replenish, rejuvenate and delicately nourish the skin to suit the modern lifestyle.

My favourite products were the Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Root and the Hydration Drops with Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry Oil. The former, was a total lifesaver during hormonal breakouts as it has anti-bacterial properties that promote cell renewal and reduce the risk of acne scarring. The latter, with a luxurious consistency, melts into the skin on application and leaving it plump and dewy.

What I really loved is that the brand fully supports 100% locally-sourced ingredients in its safest, purest and rarest forms. Whilst the products completely exceeded any expectations the packaging still left something to be desired. Though cliche, they say its what is on the inside that counts. I guess a cliche only becomes that when it speaks such truth.

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A collection of serums from Mellow Naturals Skincare, photographed alongside Vogue magazine and some fancy squash in an Autumnal lifestyle image

Pixi by Petra – Liplift Max:

This product is being undersold even when its described as a GAMECHANGER. Worn alone, prior to lipstick as a treatment or on top of a lip colour to create a lacquered effect, the lip lift is exceptionally versatile and fully deserving of a spot in your makeup bag. The lip lift is available in 5 wearable shades. Currently I only own shade “Honey Sheen” (Santa, if you’re reading this, I think you will find my behaviour has been nothing short of impeccable, *Hint) which is a pink/champagne toned nude. This is a volume-maximizing lip treatment, containing Peptides which hydrate, firm and plump – a powerful trifecta that really boosts my lips. On application it delivers a really pleasant cooling sensation and glossy finish. What’s more, it has added aloe, jojoba and camomile which means it heals, moisturises and soothes. Exactly what I’ve needed in this changeable weather.Tip- Apply before enjoying a hot chocolate drink, the lip lift has a Fresh mint flavour which compliments coco perfectly, Yummy!

Ameliorate Skincare:

 ‘Softer, smoother healthier-looking skin for everybody’. I first tried Ameliorates’ Transforming lotion in a travel sized tube (50ml) from last years Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar, my first impression of it was so good that I vowed once the weather got cold again, I would remember how effective it was. Not only did I re-purchase the lotion, I bought the shower gel, the exfoliating mitt and the cream. In Autumns passed, my skin has become so dehydrated, I’ve resembled the periodic cast-offs from a snake – dry, fragile, rough and crusty. I can think of adjectives I’d rather be able to use when describing my skin!

Ameliorates’ products have a unique combination of ingredients. The whole range is perfect for hydrating very dry skin, preventing ingrown hairs and making normal skin amazingly soft and smooth. It’s so good, my Mum is even on the bandwagon. If that is not a firm sign something is bloody brilliant then I don’t know what is.

What products have been your saviour this Autumn? Have you tried or do you want to try any of my recommendations? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful week.

Jennifer xoxo

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