Las Vegas Trip Health and Beauty Essentials

Las Vegas Trip Health and Beauty Essentials

Las Vegas, Nevada- A metropolis within a Desert. Today I’m sharing my “Desert Island Beauty Essentials” these are the miniature angels that I relied upon during my visit to Sin city. A self confessed beauty-product hoarder, travel forces me to whittle down my products to just a few essentials. Today I’m sharing the products that made the cut.

What happens in Vegas may stay there, but this collection of beauty travel essentials are too good not to share.

Kopari Coconut deodorant:

Thats right, I’m starting with the sexy stuff.


On the website, Kopari say they will “Empower your pits”. Probably the best deodorant I’ve ever used, my pits are beyond empowered, at the very least they’ve got more authority than Theresa May trying to negotiate a Brexit deal.

Kopari is the way forward, say goodbye to all the nasties you would find in traditional anti-perspirants (Aluminium, Baking Soda, Parabens, Silicone, Phthalates etc). Not only did this protect my clothes from white marks and sweat stains. It was kind and gentle to my underarms.

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The Body Shop Skin defence primer:

The perfect marriage of sun protection and make-up. With a milky/watery texture that absorbs quickly into the skin and countless active ingredients that brighten and add to the skins luminosity. This a beautiful primer to prepare the skin for light makeup and time in the sun. Not only does this provide UV filters, it also helps defend against day to day aggressors. My skin has not looked this full and youthful since I’ve been out of nappies (and no I’m not referring to the post C-section ones).  I loved the way my makeup applies after using this, no caking or creasing, just smooth loveliness. I’ve got such high hopes from my first impressions using this that I’m actually forming aspirations to be the new face of pampers.

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The Body Shop Mint Mattifying spray:

Imagine sitting by the pool, a gentle breeze on your skin and the perfect mojito in your hand- glass sweating and ice clinking. This is exactly that, in a bottle, in spray form for your skin. I used this to refresh and hydrate during my flight to Vegas (other in flight beauty tips here: How to survive a long-haul flight…), and I used it daily by the pool and out and about and then I used it to set my makeup in the evenings. A truly multi-functional genius! If only I’d remembered to remove my hairband from the neck of the bottle before I photographed it! 

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Imperial Leather Shower Foam:

If you’ve never been to Vegas you may not realise it gets into your pores. The fast food, the smoke in the casinos and the sweat from the heat, it clings to you. Deep cleaning is required, the kind that complimentary hotel soaps just aren’t capable of! This limited edition Imperial Leather Foamburst x SKINNYDIP in Ocean Waves body wash is heaven sent. The aroma of bergamot and sea minerals is divine and leaves you feeling CLEAN.

Bonus travel tip: The lather so rich and silky it can also be used for shaving.

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Morphe “Brunch Babe” Eyeshadow palette:

I picked this palette up from the Morphe store off the strip. Its a bit of a Vortex and I got sucked in for a VERY long time. So long, that I think I got hungry and that may have influenced my choice of palettes! With shade names such as “Waffles”, “Whipped Cream” and my personal favourite “Doughnuts”, can you really blame me for salivating over this one? What I’ve loved is the versatility of these shades, with both matte and shimmer finishes, its so easy to create day and night looks. The colours blend perfectly and are build able. The combinations feel pretty endless, I won’t need another palette for travel in a hurry.

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Morphe “Blushing Babes- Pop of Coral” Blush palette:

Three colours that can be used alone or in any combination. I love using this trio to build my makeup from day to night. The shades can add definition, but are far softer than contouring. These coral colours works great when I have a tan, they create the soft flush I’d like to profess I get after a brisk walk. However, in truth the slightest exertion and I resemble a post box shade of red. A pretty exerciser I am not.

Soltan Sun Lotion:

The number of bad reviews for this product baffles me. I used the Factor 50+ Protect and Moisturise sunscreen. I applied this fairly frequently, I found my perfect application ratio of 1 application per 2 frozen margaritas. The protection this gave me was second to none. I’m so pale (read – practically translucent), yet even I was able to enjoy the sunshine, albeit from beneath the shade of my Ma-hooosive hat.

A top tip for buying sunscreen – always look for how many stars are on the back of the bottle, this alongside the SPF number will be a good indicator of its effectiveness. That’s how I came to try Soltan in the first place as it has 5 stars versus my usual brands 3.

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Have you been on any trips lately? What products did you love from them and why?

Is there a product you always travel with? If so I’d love to hear about it.


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