How to transform your regular bath into a Zen like spa experience

How to transform your regular bath into a Zen like spa experience

A soak in the tub is typically relaxing. It’s what we do when we want to ease our aching muscles and tense minds. These days we rarely take time for self-care. This post is focusing on that occasion when you do take some time out for you, is there a way to maximise the pay off? Well, in my opinion there is… there are ways you can transform your bath-time to be a more luxurious and indulgent experience, ultimately making you feel better in body and mind. I am something of a serial bather. You know the Great British sentiment that theres nothing a good ol’ cuppa tea can’t fix? I believe that is also true of a good bath. Whenever life throws me a curve ball, first I drink the tea, then I run the bath. For me, a bath is a small thing that can truly rescue most days.


How to transform your bath into a Zen like spa experience

top tips to up your bath game

For a great bath the key is in the preparation:


It may seem like unnecessary extra work, but trust me, clearing your bath space is the number one thing you can do to improve your bath experience. For me that means I have a big box that I chuck every kids toy into, I then put it out of sight. Nothing ruins a bath for me like sharing it with hundreds of effigies of Peppa Pig etc.
Even if you don’t have kids paraphernalia, chances are you share your bathroom with someone. I recommend clearing the space to leave minimal clutter. Whoever said “A tidy space equals a tidy mind” really knew what they were on about.

Lime Basil and Grapefruit bath inspired by Jo Malone London

Set the scene:

Candles just make everything feel a bit more fancy. Just be sure the scents are complimentary (to each other and the bath scents themselves). I can really recommend Diptyque in Mimosa with Jo Malone in Lime Basil and Mandarin as two luxury candles that compliment one another. Yes, they are pricey, however the standard size has a burn time of around 30 hours.

(Other great candle companies include: Overose Paris, Molten Brown, Tom Ford, Tutti London– Who have the most incredible packaging including dried flowers that you could add to your bath)

Get everything you will need in reach and organise it so you don’t have to get in and out of the bath. I’ll apply a hair mask and wrap my hair up. I’ll grab a glass of water (preferably iced
And fruit infused as its these little touches that give a bath that spa vibe). I will fold my fresh towels neatly and place them within reach.
Depending on my mood, I will either play a relaxation playlist or listen to a book via audible (audible has literally changed my life. I’ve always loved to read but with twins this has become difficult to maintain, with audible I can still enjoy books but I can do other things whilst I listen- push a pram or run a bath for instance. It also allows me to listen to books I otherwise would never have had the motivation to read.) Very occasionally I’ll watch a Netflix show, but then I never really enjoy either as much (the show or the bath).

pefruit Bath, Inspired by Jo Malone London


A tough one, as a “grown up” I feel its a right of passage that all baths should be enjoyed with an accompanying glass of wine. However, the reality of this for me is that soaking in hot water and consuming alcohol only leads to one thing – my rapid descent into inebriation. Therefore, I prefer to stick to soft drinks.

Lush Bath

Bath Recipes:

What you put in the bath can have a great impact on your experience. Think about how you want to feel and then create a bath that will help you to actualise that feeling. For me I have 3 go to baths:

  • Citrus, basil, 2 cups Epsom salts and coconut oil- fresh lime, mandarin and grapefruit and fresh basil leaves with a scoop of coconut oil & bath salts. Yes, hardly a surprise I recommend coconut oil, if you regularly read my posts then you will know I love the stuff. If you’re new to my posts then learn more about the amazing benefits of coconut oil in my post (Coco)nuts about oil pulling…  This bath is so uplifting and refreshing and goes perfectly with the candles I mentioned earlier. The coconut oil nourishes the skin and counteracts the drying effects of soaking in warm water.
  • Lavendar & Milk- Lavendar is the poster child of relaxation and for good reason. I adore its calming and soothing fragrance. I add fresh sprigs of lavender and a healthy dose of essential oils. I then add approximately 2-3 tbsp of milk as this acts as a natural dispersent for the otherwise insoluble essential oils (milk baths go way back for their skin soothing properties). I follow this bath with a generous application of Lush Sleepy Cream (full review of this product here- Beauty Favourites- September).

Lush Sleepy Cream

  • Sage, Mint and Eucalyptus- for when I’m ill or stressed. Fresh sage and mint float in the bath creating a wonderful aroma. I then add a coconut and eucalyptus cube (melt coconut oil in a pan, remove from the heat and add a splash of eucalyptus oil, transfer the mixture to a silicone ice cube tray- it MUST be silicone otherwise its too difficult to remove. Freeze and add cubes to bath as and when desired)

Lush Bath

I also rely heavily on Lush bath bombs, for me they are an easy way to make a bath special. Though for me nothing beats a natural bath like the ones above that are completely bespoke and the closest thing to a spa experience at home.

Face Masks:

Perhaps along with alcohol, face masks are something that I feel I should partake in whilst bathing (I probably just watched way to many chick flicks as an adolescent). The reality is clay masks and bath time are never going to work. Clay masks work by drying and drawing out impurities and closing pores. The moisture in the air when your soaking in the tub prevent this process and you will just sweat the mask off! SEXY!
If you want to use a mask, sheet masks are best (some of my favourites are from Korean brand Kocostar and are linked here- Korean Skincare: Tried and Tested). The facemask will be enhanced as the steam from the bath will open your pores. Alternatively, apply a clay mask immediately post bath and lie down in fresh towels with a glass of water whilst this dries, allowing you to cool down, re-hydrate and prolonging your relaxation.

Sheet Masks

If your looking for some more inspiration, I’ve created a Bath Goals Pinterest board with plenty of ideas and tips on everything from bath recipes to de-cluttering and interior design.

Tried any of these tips at home? Id love to know how you got on. Do you have a bath recipe to share, let me hear it below.

Thanks for reading and happy soaking xxx

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    Wow I love this so much – its super pretty really! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be trying something very similar for myself, yay!

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      Great! So glad you enjoyed the post. We all need a little me time. Happy Soaking 🛁

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