The art of dressing colourfully

Now, I’m going to start of with a little disclaimer. I know I recently wrote about my love for the monochrome palette and how chic dressing this way is in my post Wearing Black and White: Styling tips and inspiration for ever-chic fashion. It seems like a contradiction to now be talking all things colour. It’s confusing, I get it and for that I’m sorry. I am still a firm lover of the ever classic combination of black and white, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate dressing colourfully. The two dressing styles shouldn’t be mutually exclusive to you either, and if you’re anything like me you want to express yourself through fashion and on varying days you simply have a different message to send.


Shades by Valentino (old) Dress and Bag Zara, Trainers Nike

In this post I wanted to explore the art of dressing colourfully. Historically, life in colour was reserved for the rich whilst peasants had the limited choice of brown or really brown. Then artificial dyes were discovered and the fashion world has never looked back. So why are we not more liberated and wearing colour? Why do so many of us feel safer in muted tones?


Colourful tee (Zara) Skirt (by Influence clothing via ASOS) 3 colour manicure using OPI nail colours in shades “Sending you Holiday Hugs”, “To the Mouse House we Go” and “Santa Monica Beach Peach”

I intend to share some helpful hints and tips on dressing boldly. I want to help minimise the risk of a colour “wearing you” and empower you to have fun with your wardrobe. So are you stuck in a style rut? Should you be shocking more in pink or electrifying in blue? Read on to discover the colour for YOU.

The Ten Colour Commandments:

5 simple “Do’s” and 5 avoidable “Dont’s” to make wearing colour work for you.



How to dress with colour

In summary, colour IS chic. Colours should be a part of our day-to-day style. For what feels like forever the fashion world has made us feel phobic of colour. That wearing bold brights is something reserved for A-listers in a Magazine spread or reserved only for those that have made “maximal dressing” their “thing”… I’m talking about the Baddie Winkles‘ of the world. No more, colour is accessible to all and there is a shade for you. Go out, find it and start making your wardrobe work harder for you.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Exhibit A) Sophisticated and bold colours courtesy of Zara

Do you wear colour often? Is there a colour that makes you feel good- why do you think that is? Lets get a colour-sation going.

If you are interested in reading more articles on the subject of colour, colour analysis or if you’re just looking for some clarity on warm/cool colours then I have created a great Pinterest board that would be a great starting point.

The Jenuine Article Blog

8 thoughts on “The art of dressing colourfully

    1. The colours we can wear change as we get older, our style evolves. Colour is great for keeping an outfit fun and youthful. The blink test is a quick and easy tool that’s helped me many a time. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend ☺️


    1. Splashes of colour are great and far easier to wear than colour blocking. The blink test is great if you want to go bold or wear a bright jacket/scarf or hat… I’m so glad you’ve found this useful. Thanks for reading. Have a great day 👌🏻


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