Wearing Black and White: Styling tips and inspiration for ever-chic fashion.

Wearing Black and White: Styling tips and inspiration for ever-chic fashion.

Monochrome is a timeless and classic style that manages to maintain a modern edge. How should you be wearing black and white in 2018?

Black and White outfits are a timeless classic. They allow the wearer to create a chic and modern look for any occasion. Nothing is easier to pull together than black and white- the margin for error is small and the window for major success is huge. The wearer just needs the right inspiration to make this year-round colour combination work for any season. A few basic rules to follow and this pairing can work perfectly for any age and any body type. So what are you waiting for? Read on for inspiration and advice and get your style back in the black (and white)?


Luxury Fabrics, Pearl details and Metallics:

Old school black and white was all about the little black dress with pearls and white gloves. The modern day take on this is all the luxury and less of the lady. Think masculine tailoring and boyish brogues and loafers, smoking jackets and tuxedo pants. The modern day black and white look is like an odd and unexpected blend of Audrey Hepburn and Hugh Hefner, the result is strangely successful.


Tip: Mix and match fabrics such as velvet, cotton and satin to keep outfits interesting. Accessories with quilting and pearl detailing will really amp up the luxury vibe.

Play with Patterns:

Houndstooth, leopard, polka dots, stripes, grids, florals… there are so many patterns that work in a black and white palette. The great thing with these prints is that you can achieve an image that is both a timeless classic and ultra-modern, this is something that is near impossible to do in any other colours.

Black and white is the most timeless combination around. Effortlessly chic, edgy and modern. How should you be wearing black and white in 2018?

Tip: Black and White provide the greatest visual contrast than any other combination, this means that when wearing a pattern combining the two will create significant visual interest. This will draw the eye in and bring attention to the part of the body where the pattern is placed.


Tip: If you feel overpowered by prints, try wearing the print away from your face. Have a plain top in Black if you have darker hair or have a medium to warm skin tone and go for white if you have fair hair or a cooler skin tone.

For ease I would suggest sticking to one item in a statement print and then completing the look with simple pieces. This allows you to avoid looking too much. On the other hand- print clashing can be incredibly fun and will modernise the look, an easy way to gain confidence with this is to mix simple prints first such as grids or polk dots.


Tip: If you want to create a smooth silhouette avoid wearing fixed patterns such as stripes over an area you don’t wish to draw attention. Conversely a busy floral pattern can draw the eye in an disguise any lumpy bits. I often use busy prints on top to draw the eye away from my large bust.

Bold Brights:

Some consider all over black and white to be dull. Personally, I love a black and white outfit and use basics in these colours to form the structure of my wardrobe. However, if you need colour in your life then try the addition of a bold statement lip.

Tip: The red lip is the classic accompaniment to a monochrome ensemble. It is the beauty equivalent to the fashion worlds “Little Black Dress”, a symbol of femininity that is now associated with strong, bold and powerful women. For further details on this beauty statement see my previous post How to create the perfect red lip.


If bold makeup isn’t for you then add a dash of colour through accessories. Neon, bold yellows, reds, oranges and pinks all look great against a black and white backdrop. In my recent post Wardrobe Essentials: The T-Shirt I featured a monochrome outfit suggestion with yellow as an accent colour, so pop over and check that out if your feeling these ideas.

How do you feel about wearing black and white? Have you got any tips or tricks when wearing this colour combination? Or do you wear one or the other?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Happy Friday xox

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  1. October 20, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Black I just love it.. I love to pair my black t shirt along with a light Blue Jeans.. And black ankle boots add a oomph effect… And my specs are black too.. ☺

    • jenuinestyle
      November 30, 2018 / 7:58 pm

      This combo sounds so chic. I love black too, it gets such a bad rep but I think it’s so stylish.

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