10 Beach holiday beauty essentials you'll never want to be without.

10 Beach holiday beauty essentials you'll never  want to be without.

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For me, beach holidays have always conjured up magical mental images. I picture clear waters, white sand and a lightly sun kissed version of myself with a smattering of freckles and perfectly tousled waves in my hair. Reality check!!! Like many others I struggled for years to feel comfortable in warmer climates, my skin reddish/pink instead of golden brown, my hair resembling something a bird has created to call home and mosquitos dining alfresco off my every vessel! To say the least, the perfection we so often see on social media (just search the hashtag Beachlife if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) was a little out of reach. So rather than adjusting my expectations. I decided to adjust my reality and I have curated this list of beach beauty essentials. These aren’t the basics, we all know standard SPF and Sunhats are a must. This is a list of top products that help me to look and feel better so I can enjoy the important stuff (*Coughs-Prosecco!*).

So please, read on and share with your friends. Your inner beach goddess will thank you for it.

  1. 10 Beach holiday beauty essentials you'll never want to be withoutSkin so Soft- Avon A real unsung hero. This super handy spray is a total space saver as it has two fantastic benefits. Firstly (and perhaps unsurprisingly) it leaves your skin oh so soft. Secondly, Mosquitos hate it. I wore this in the Maldives/Jamaica/BoraBora and the only time I was bitten was the one evening I forgot to apply it. I also travel with a small citronella candle and have that burning in the room as this scent has repellent qualities (£2.50- sale price).
  2. Sun Mist- Pixi Not your everyday SPF. This is the perfect refreshing facial mist. It contains extracts of Chamomile and Bamboo. I apply an SPF base as usual and then “top up” with this throughout the day. Its cooling and non-sticky and its perfect for applying to those difficult areas such as your hair parting and the tops of your ears .(£18)
    10 Beach holiday beauty essentials you'll never want to be without


  3. Sun After-Sun Hair & Body Shampoo-NUXE Another space saver as  this is both a  hair and body shampoo, it contains Sun and Water Flower extract (which smells divine) and it is specifily designed to cleanse the skin and hair of gently cleanses all Beach/Pool residues (UV filters, salt, chlorine and sand). Its gentle too! The perfect after sun lotion skin prep’. (£10)
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    Shay and Blue London- Watermelon Fragrance looks as good as it smells.

  4. Watermelons Fragrance- Shay and Blue of London Watermelons. Its my ultimate Holiday fragrance. Explosively fresh. Cooling and mouthwateringly crisp. This fragrance is unlike any other I’ve found. On application the scent is 100% watermelon but after an hour or so the scent develops  and notes of honeysuckle, green tea and vetiver come through. Its not cheap but my goodness its worth every penny. (100mls- £55)
  5. Wonder Balm- Percy and Reed  I have to confess, I have spoken about this product before in a previous post- How to make everyday a good hair day. I just love the stuff and its a total hair hero when you’re battling humidity. Other benefits include added moisture, shine, definition, softness and manageability. *HallelujahThe guys that make it weren’t kidding when they called it a Miracle. (£18)
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    *Sings* These are a few of my favourite things!

  6. Swim Cap- Philip Kingsley Pretty self explanatory – it’s a virtual swim cap for your hair. Originally created for the US Olympic synchronized swim team, it protects against harmful chlorine (blondes-no more yellow hair!), at also helps prevent damage from salt water and UV exposure. All the while, moisturising your locks. Its suitable for most hair types- fine, coloured, coarse? Swim Cap is for you. (£15)
  7. Hoola- All Over Body Tan- Benefit Cosmetics Do you spend your time in the sun constantly adjusting your straps to avoid tan lines? Yes? Then look no further, this hands free (it has a special applicator) no fuss body bronzer blends tan lines into oblivion. Not a sun worshipper? This is the perfect way to create a subtle glow as   you can control the depth of colour depending on how much you apply- Fellow pale girls rejoice. (£25)IMG_3153
  8. Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara- Too Faced Reasons to love this product (other than the name!) its water resistant enough to withstand a 5ft wave to the face, something I know for a fact. (£19)
  9. After Sun- Guinot I love this lotion because it is so nourishing, my skin drinks it up after a day in the heat. It is cooling on application and it soothes redness. It also contains mother of pearl which gives skin a wonderful luminosity and Vitamin E which has anti-oxidant and free radical fighting properties. (£19.50-25.50- at various)
  10. Beach Tint- Becca Cosmetics Available in the UK from Space NK, this blend able creme for lips, eyes and cheeks is totally waterproof and paraben free. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup on the beach, but a dab of this on my cheeks and lips is no trouble to maintain and it looks fab’! This fruity scented product helps my skin when I wear it as it provides continuous sebum absorption (thank you wonder ingredient Nylon 12) and contains skin loving Vitamin E. I love shades watermelon and guava. (£20)
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Looking good on the beach isn’t just about the right swimsuit.

I hope you enjoy your summer holidays all the more, now your inner beach goddess can be unleashed. If you have another beach beauty product that you can recommend i’d love to hear it.

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