How to create the perfect red lip.

How to create the perfect red lip.

The classic beauty statement. This bold look needn't be something you shy away from. There is a way to make this look a winner for every woman.

A statement red lip..

Is the ultimate in old school Hollywood Glam, a real statement of femininity and sexuality. For me this is a go to look, it’s a quick and easy way to achieve a fully “made-up” look, without having to spend hours faffing around with tape and q-tips to create winged liner or a smokey eye. Way back in the day Queen Elizabeth I rocked a red lip and pale faced look (much like my own) despite lip painting being labelled “Devils work”- making red lips the epitome makeup trend for rebel fashionistas all over.


Making Lizzy proud 💋💄❤️

How to recreate the statement red lip:

White Teeth- I love a red lip almost as much as a red wine. The problem is Red lipstick (or any bold lip for that matter) has a notorious history of making teeth appear stained/yellow. If you’re a wine/coffee lover like me, you are  going to need to combat the tell tale signs. There are thousands of whitening products around at the moment, you can’t check Instagram without having some veneered celebrity grinning at you- Cheshire Cat style with some whitening strips in hand. I prefer to keep my teeth white naturally using coconut oil. You can read all about how I use coconut oil in my previous post (Coco)nuts about oil pulling….

Conditionen- Suffer with dry/cracked lips? Me too and it sucks. Lipstick is not a good look when lips are chapped- it just accentuates the flaws and inevitably worsens the problem. Keep lips baby butt smooth with a Vitmin E based balm. My personal favourite is by Jo Malone as along with Vitamin E (known for its restorative properties) it contains honey, a natural anti-bacterial, emollient. Use this the night and day prior to your red lip look.

Scrub- Buff off dead skin cells by mixing the above balm with some granulated sugar and rubbing firmly  in circular motions. If Blue Peter beauty isn’t your thing then grab some Bubblegum lip scrub from lush.

Plump- let’s be real for a moment, full lips are sexy lips. lip fillers and other “tweakments” aren’t booming because people fancy spending £250-£1500 on an alternative day out. But, such drastic measures are not for everyone (I have no judgement either way), I’m lucky, my lips are naturally on the fuller end of the spectrum- but after to applying my lipstick I use Glamglow Plumprageous, it’s seriously effective and gives a pleasant tingling sensation initially, followed by several hours of fullness (in the interest of full disclosure I must tell you it tastes pretty rank! But the pros outweigh the cons!). For a matte look, I apply this prior to lipstick for 30 minutes and wipe off just before application.


liner- line your outer lips with No bleeding lips clear liner, this can be used with any lip colour and so it’s perfect for those of you that like to keep your makeup bag light or whom regularly switch up your lip colour. It’s also great if you lack confidence in application- it’s clear so there are no awkward “The Joker” (from Batman) lip moments. Alternatively my fave liner (for the lip colours I’m about to mention) is forever sharp lip liner from Smashbox in “Ruby”, no pencil sharpener required.


Cupids Bow- highlight this with the amazing Brow highlight from Rimmel London. This shimmer applied directly to the bow, creates the illusion of fullness.

lipstick- There is a red out there for all skin tones, Allure online has a great article for selecting the right shade for you. My personal favourite is a combination of Loreal Makeup matte addiction, colour riche in shade 346 (one of my favourite bloggers Devoted to Pink just happens to be the face of this shade), the second colour I use to create my red lip is Stila matte lip cream in Beso. For me these two combined create the perfect red lip- They are the ultimate in non-drying, highly pigmented, long lasting and matte finish products around.

Complete the finish- Dab Vaseline rosein the centre of bottom lip to catch light and create an illusion of fullness.

Voila… One red lip for any occasion. Now pass the wine 💄❤️

What is your favourite shade lipstick? Do you have a colour/brand you wear exclusively? I’m always looking to discover new products and colours, all your tips are welcome.



  1. April 7, 2017 / 2:37 pm

    That lip liner sounds amazing! I love the idea of one liner that works for all colours. Thanks for sharing!
    My go to as of late is a tube of Kate Spade that a friend randomly gave me because she bought it and the shade didn’t work on her haha – but I haven’t done a bright red lip since the holidays, been going with darker colours as of late.
    Britt |

    • April 7, 2017 / 9:20 pm

      It’s really good, great for packing in your holiday makeup bag. I too love a dark lip, I will have to check out the Kate Spade range x

  2. April 10, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    These are great tips!! I’ve never thought to highlight my cupid bow but will do so from now on! I use the same lip scrub from Lush, it’s bloody brilliant and tastes SO good!

    • April 10, 2017 / 3:26 pm

      Oh Niki, a Cupids Bow highlight is a game changer! Glad you enjoyed x

  3. April 25, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I was always wondering how you manage your perfect red lips I see all the time on insta. Thanks so much for sharing your secrets!

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