How to make everyday a good hair day.

How to make everyday a good hair day.

Its Only Hair at the End of the Day:

I have been that girl, the one the hairdresser hates. In response to them asking, ‘what can we do for you today?” I would answer “I want to be more blonde, and I just want a trim, I’m growing it”.  I spent the best part of a decade as an artificial blonde. Since then I have been brunette, a redhead and now I’m a mix of several fiery tones. I have also gone from long hair, to short and now I’m back at mid-length. The most adventurous I used to get would be having a fringe cut in, then instantly regretting it and growing it out, battling through the “awkward length” phase, desperately resisting trims only to finally grow it out and then think “actually, I want a fringe”. Times have changed, I am now beyond laid-back about my hair. I’m currently considering an undercut (watch this space). I have to say it’s incredibly liberating and at the end of the day it’s just hair. Having grown into mine and no longer hiding behind it as a security blanket, I want to share with you the products I love an why. I would describe my hair type as “dry, coloured, occasionally over-processed and wavy” I have a go to product for most problems.

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The products featured above will suit many hair types.

I will also be closing this post with some shots from my day spent shooting with L’Oreal Professionnel Uk for the launch of their colourful hair range (coming to a salon near you in April).

My Hero Products:

L’Oreal Expert Vitamino Color AO-X  Shampoo & Conditioner:

This shampoo and conditioner smell so incredible that they feel like an indulgent spa experience. With colour radiance protecting properties, these products fight fade whilst leaving hair super soft and shiny. These products are especially great for getting rid of styling product and hard water residue. Added bonus, there is built-in anti-oxidant and UV protection meaning that it continues to care for your hair long after use. I use this once a week as it leaves my hair feeling in really great condition, whilst being kind to my colour. I don’t use it more regularly as there is another shampoo/conditioner combo that is better at keeping my colour vibrant.

BLEACH london live forever Shampoo & Conditioner Fight the Fade:

These products are gentle and actually seem to enhance the vibrancy of my hair colour (perhaps due to the added UV filters and Sunflower Seed Extract). I wash my hair with this and cool water once a week. Dry shampoo is my best friend between washes (I recommend the new Batiste 2 in 1 dry shampoo).

L’Oreal Tecni Art Thermo Modelling styling spray:

So this product took me about 5 hours to figure out how to open it (it’s not that complicated, I just had a wobbly moment where I lost all comprehension of my fine motor skills). But once I finally opened it I was in love.  This thermo-modelling spray adds shape fix, grip, hold and volume. Its like make-up for your hair, it disguises all flaws. It smells a bit hairspray-esque, but it makes up for this in performance.

How do I use it? Spray liberally onto lifted roots of towel-dried hair,  blow-dry upside down or using my fingers to create an upward motion to create volume (alternatively, this works great with my heated rollers that I linked in a previous post 17 beauty products to take you into 2017). I have also created great choppy waves using this product and hair straighteners (follow me on instagram and soon I will be doing video tutorials demonstrating this and other looks).

L’Oreal  Infinium Hair spray:

This is a super fine and lightweight hairspray. It was created for use backstage on fashion shows. This hairspray is an unsung hero, its like Leo before the Oscar, time and time again it has gives me amazing hold, fixes flyaway hairs and yet leaves my hair flexible, dry and so far from crunchy. Previous hairspray have had me looking all “Something about Mary” when the wind blows, but this allows natural looking movement. The best part, it lasts all day and brushes out with no residue.

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Some must haves from pre-shampoo right through to after styling (And yes sunglasses are part of my good hair day essentials, when I have an awkward length fringe, I wear sunglasses on my head when my hair is almost dry and it sets in the perfect off the face flick).

Josh Wood Hair Oil:

This is the ultimate multi-tasker. I use it as a treatment on the ends of my hair after washing and before I style. But, its uses are limitless (almost) with overall hair treatments pre-shampoo, after styling smoothing treatment, wet-look achieving and deep conditioning styling product and so on…

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Treatment:

The first of its kind, this pre-shampoo conditioning treatment is like intensive physiotherapy for your hair. Where healthy hair is flexible and stretches when wet, weak and damaged hair just snaps.  The elasticiser intensely moisturises and improves the structure of individual hairs prior to washing (wet hair is the most vulnerable to damage). As they say “prevention is better than cure” and this is prevention in a tub. I use this once a fortnight and find it adequate though the manufacturer recommendation is once weekly.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm:

This is recommended to be used as a pre-styling balm. I use a tiny amount after styling to add definition. It also has added humidity protection, for this reason this is my beach holiday hair essential. Without it I have been known to resemble a member of the hair bear bunch when in humid climates.

COLORISTA Spray and Washout colour “The Colourful Hair Movement”:
COLORISTA was launched through social media, it recognises the movement towards colourful hair and makes it totally accessible and commitment-phobe friendly.

Vibrant and unusual colours are notorious for the amount of upkeep involved, now they are easily achievable at home. The range includes 3 different technologies and 3 levels of commitment. The shades available are completely customizable allowing you to be YOU! I have used the hot pink (one day spray) and it is so easy and sooooo fun. My mum has even tried this hot pink hue and now she is into the silver/grey (Go Mum, you superstar). I have  also been using the “washout” in Red hair and it is the easiest way to top-up my colour. I now have my eye on burgundy and orange…

*The L’Oreal products listed (excluding the colorista products) were gifted to me as part of a new product launch. However, there was no obligation to review the products or feature them in this post, the opinions I have given are 100% my own. I am so in love with them that I have already bought more products from the range.

What is the one hair product you couldn’t be without? Have you got a hair problem that you can’t solve? Lets share our tips and troubles and help each other out.

The L’Oreal My Colorful Hair Launch in Pictures:


  1. May 14, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Some great heroes in here! Completely agree with the blonde dilemma – it’s just never blonde enough! I swear by Loreal Silver shampoo and Elasticizer xx

    • May 14, 2017 / 7:28 pm

      I’m glad you like the products I’ve featured. Elasticizer is life! 🤘🏻

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