Does "Skinny Coffee" work?

Does "Skinny Coffee" work?


When I was approached by SkinnyCoffeeClub to try their product I was sceptical. My first thoughts when I hear of diet drinks is of some unregulated, unhealthy collection of ingredients that one really shouldn’t consume. That said, I felt duty bound to at least check out their website (Click here to visit). I was convinced that they were legit’ enough to try and with “skinny teas/coffees” getting so much love at the moment I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

My incentive for trying the product was to improve my complexion and to feel energised- two areas the creators of SkinnyCoffeeClub claim it can be beneficial. As the product is also sold to aid weight loss, I have noted my weight, thus enabling me to share this aspect with you guys too. Whilst the lovely folks at SkinnyCoffeeClub kindly sent me their product free of charge to review, the opinions I am sharing are my own entirely.

What is Skinny Coffee?

Skinny coffee is a coffee like beverage to be consumed once a day. It contains the following (for an explanation of these ingredients please see below) ground coffee, ground green coffee, siberean ginseng, spirulina, green tea extract and garcinia cambogia.

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Skinny coffee- best taken with exercise- read about my go to workout kettle bells here

The Science Bit:

Green Coffee- linked to increased weight-loss and a reduction in blood sugar. Some studies also suggested a reduction in high blood pressure. This is the same as standard coffee but it is unroasted. Unsurprisingly, it contains caffeine.

Siberean Ginseng- thought to reduce stress on the body (an adaptogen). Linked with boosting the immune system due to stimulating the adrenal gland. Though lists of its benefits seem boundless, I’m pretty sure this stuff will cook your dinner, clean the dishes, run you a bath, pour you some wine, turn down your bed and pop a chocolate on your pillow…given half a chance!

Spirulina- a blue/green algae bacteria (sexy right?!?). Though this is the good kind and not the “pass me the hand sanitizer” type. One nutrition article referred to spirulina as “the single most nutrient-dense food on the planet” (Read that article in full here). Other claims include: anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering, allergy minimisation, anaemia combatting and muscle strength increasing.

Green Tea Extract- various proven health benefits due to polyphenols that help reduce inflammation.

Garcinia cambogia- an Indonesian fruit that is thought to aid weight-loss. On my review of this ingredient I couldn’t find independent evidence supporting this. Some studies found excessive consumption caused nausea.

* this is an independent product review and not intended as medical advice.


My Experience:

I took one cup per day as directed. I occasionally added Alpro Coconut & Almond milk. I always add one sweetener (I just can’t handle the bitterness of coffee generally and this was no different).

The taste- It tastes like coffee only with a slight after taste that is a little unpleasant. The sweetener disguised this somewhat.

Did it deliver on energy? Yes! I felt energised over my usual daily espresso. Despite, having significantly reduced sleep  (I’m a twin mum… maybe I should send Beyoncé a pack for when hers come along.)

Did it deliver on complexion? Unsure. My skin is my nemesis one day and my best friend the next. Yes, I had more good skin days than bad. Was this because of the coffee…I don’t know is the truth.

Did it deliver on weight-loss? I am 3lbs lighter than when I started (12 days ago).
Have you tried skinny coffee? I would love to hear what your thoughts were.

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