How to survive a long-haul flight…

How to survive a long-haul flight…

The Travel Bug:

Those who know me will know I love to travel- so much so that I spend my flights home arranging our next trip. Seeing new places, learning new things and immersing myself into other cultures, nothing makes me happier. I have been fortunate enough to visit many cities and many more are on the horizon- I am an addict and I will always be chasing the next fix.

Who likes Aeroplane food?

The one thing I find difficult is the journey. I’m not a nervous flyer-although the older I get the more probable it is that I will become one. I struggle with flights because, lets face it, they are uncomfortable. Gone are the days when I would get excited about vacuum packed, microwaved, compartmentalised food. Flights have up until recently, left me bloated, dehydrated, with blood-shot eyes, dry skin, a crusty nose and a with an upper respiratory tract infection to remember it by for the days to come! That is until I discovered a group of items that have become my saviour.

How to survive a long-haul flight:

I am lucky enough to be flying first class to New York (thank you very much British Airways and American Express for the air miles and companion voucher!). However,  experience has taught me that no matter the cabin, there are certain essentials that make the flight much more comfortable (though, don’t get me wrong, the table service, duvet, down pillow and leg room you get when you “turn left” certainly help).

I wanted to share my in flight essentials with you all, to kick-start my City Break series (A collection of posts inspired by my upcoming city break in NYC).

Carry on Essentials:

My recommendations are pictured above and you can shop them in the links provided.

  1. De-Stress Oil- this gives me super human powers in the form of becoming Zen. Rub into your palms (sparingly), run through your hair and massage into your temples, inhale deeply whilst doing so and Ta Da! You will be totally un-phased by any chair kicking child out there.
  2. Hydrating facial mist- Flights are drying on the skin. Hydration mists are great because you can spray them over make-up just before disembarking the plane. I do this without fail as it wakes me up, sets my make-up and provides ongoing hydration whilst I continue my journey.
  3. Cashmere travel set– Quite simply because its cosy, the eye mask is super soft and the socks keep my feet toasty. I don’t know if I’m unlucky or if it’s an issue in any seat, but I always seem to be sitting in a draft. These gorgeous items totally negate the issue.
  4. Foot Balm- As soon as take-off is completed, I whip off my shoes and massage in this balm. I then pop on my cosy socks, without them the medicinal scent can be a little strong. After a few hours of movie watching and magazine flicking my feet are super soft, It’s like an inflight pedicure.
  5. Ginger Tea– Normally I am a bit of a caffeine fiend. I’m pretty sure if you cut me I’d bleed espresso. But when flying I always avoid it.  This  tea is caffeine free and the flavours of lemon and ginger with added Echinacea have a triad of benefits- the lemon refreshes, the ginger aids digestion and alleviates travel sickness and the Echinacea boosts your immune system. All essentials when flying. Added bonus, these tea bags are individually wrapped.
  6. Citrus deodorant- The closest thing you can get to a shower at 30,000 ft. This little bottle is such a handy size too.
  7. Sheet Mask- Another habit of mine, removing all make-up and applying a sheet mask mid-flight. Yes, it gets me a few side eyes from my fellow passenger. But, it also gets me hydrated and calmed skin and so I am willing to take the funny looks. Sheet masks make no mess and are easily disposed of too. The one pictured is from B Beauty “lovely my face”-a Japanese brand that are taking the UK by storm, and I know why , the cotton sheet fit my face perfectly, they are not stingy on the lotion eiter- there is loads of it in the pack and it feels expensive on. Great value for money and if that doesn’t convince you then have you seen a Japenese woman? they have ah-maze-ing skin!. The people at B Beauty-lovely my skin were kind enough to send me some masks for my upcoming flights (thanks guys!) but whilst the masks are theirs, the opinion ive shared is 100% my own.
  8. Nasal Spray- Planes are essentially incubators of germs, lots of people from all over, crammed into a confined space, with air-conditioning. Prior to discovering this spray I would undoubtedly get sick after a flight. This spray is what I attribute to stopping that. It keeps my nose from getting dry which means I can blow it regularly, allowing me to get rid of any pesky bugs that might take up residence otherwise. Not glamorous guys, I know! But vital to long-haul flight survival and so I had to share.
  9. Eye drops- They don’t call them red-eyes for nothing. These babies keep itchy, dry eyes at bay. END OF.
  10. Lip Balm- Not any old lip balm does the trick at altitude, you need something ultra nourishing. This one is my top pick. You can also apply it slightly beyond the border of your lips and its so sheer and matte that you don’t look like the joker in doing so. This is a total hero product, no surprises  its won a bazillion awards!


And there you have it. My tips on how to survive a long-haul flight. Have you got any in flight tips? Id love to hear them, I’m always looking for ways to make flying more bearable!

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Happy Flying!




  1. January 14, 2017 / 4:34 am

    Badger balm is fantastic! Can you get it in the US? I’ve not seen it over here. I use their calm balm when my excema flares up, it’s wonderfully soothing! Thanks for sharing your tips on surviving long haul flights, I will definitely be using a few next time I fly home!

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