Floral Print for Winter?

Floral print is everywhere…

We’ve all heard of floral print in Spring, its a predictable trend that surfaces like clockwork. As soon as the lambs are in the field the hughstreet is typically blooming as if Alan Titchmarsh himself has taken a job as chief buyer! My point being, florals in Spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking. So how is it that we are heading into Winter and the high-street is blooming? Has global warming reached new heights and caused the fashion world to get its seasons confused?

No is the answer. Yes floral print is happening, but not as we know them. Florals have gone all “weather appropriate”. Think about your grandmas curtains and you won’t go far wrong. Heavy fabrics and detailed embroidery are adding feminine notes to otherwise masculine pieces. Perfect for day wear and the evening too.

How to make “flower power” work for your budget- My top floral prints for your wardrobe to suit any spender.

Floral Print Under £50- (this look is just £49.98)


Floral Print Under £150-(this look £148.98)



A touch of the west with cowboy ankle boots and rustic colours (Black jeans £19.99) (Cowboy boots £45) (Pom Pom beanie £14) (Embroidered sweater £69.99)

Floral Print Under £500- (this look £469)



…This Floral Trend isn’t for clothing alone.

The cocktail world is also taking serious botanical inspiration:

I recently sampled some delicious botanical cocktails at All Star Lanes-Stratford including the aptly named “detox just to retox” cocktail (pictured below left).


Detox just to Retox- Eldeflower gin, green tea, passion fruit, lemon, orange bitters and cucumber. Rose petals to garnish.

Click here for some seriously mouthwatering botanical beverages/Visit The Drunken Botanist for more recipes perfect for the upcoming party season (or the book would make an excellent gift for any tippler/alcohol enthusiast).

How are you wearing florals this winter?

Do you have a botanical inspired cocktail recipe to share? I’d love to hear it.


P.s if like me you are obsessed with the Gucci loafers pictured above, you can buy them here 🌷🌹🌷🌹



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