So you may not know your Metalica from Meatloaf, but that shouldn’t stop you from, err…”rocking” the grunge trend. I personally am so happy to see this style making a come back as this is my go to off-duty look. Grunge is the art of dressing like you don’t care (when really I do and chances are you do too otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). Effortlessly cool and infinitely comfortable, what’s not to love?

Just like putting your favourite brand on a t-shirt (as discussed in my past post Product Placement- embracing being a walking advertisement) only dropping an “r”. Band tops are the easiest way to incorporate grunge into your look. One would argue you should at least enjoy the music of the band you choose to wear, thus giving the look some authenticity. Wearing a t-shirt in support of a band you don’t like is akin to going to a Brazilian restaurant when you don’t eat meat…it’s a waste of your time and you will feel very out of place.

How else can you grunge-up your wardrobe? There are several components to a grunge style of dressing. Little attention is paid to co-ordinating items, in fact clashing textures, colours and prints create a really interesting juxtaposition. Oversized plaid/flannel shirts worn as jackets are also a big yes. Doc Martins compliment the look and the range available is so vast that it really allows for individualism to shine through. Remember the roots of grunge dressing and you won’t go far wrong.

The golden rules of grunge:
1) Layering- jackets, over shirts, over t-shirts.
2) Denim- should be ripped/distressed/faded.
3) Footwear- should be chunky boots or trainers/sneakers or hi-tops.
4) Hair- should be “undone”. Or covered by a beanie style hat.
5) The appearance should be slightly messy but NOT unclean. This is not an opportunity to skip your shower!
6) Jewellery should be minimal- think chokers and other fabric jewels such as a leather bracelet.
💸 My grunge wish list…shop these items via the links below 💸
Not wanting to fully commit to this style? No problem, a rock t-shirt can easily be incorporated into a number of different looks suitable for a vast array of occasions. The style combines effortlessly with one of the biggest trends for winter…
Grunge meets Velvet:

Had to throw a bit of leopard into the edit.

The best part, this look doesn’t need to cost the earth. A bit of DIY and you can easily make some old jeans “distressed”. Let your hair colour grow out and don’t bother polishing boots (the more scuffs the better). Old shirts can be picked up for next to nothing from charity stores… This style has its roots in punk rock and blue collar combined. It’s the epitome of affordable and low maintenance style.

All that said the high street have some great options too…(my favourites have been featured in this post and you can shop the blog by clicking the links below).

Revolve rings £15 Cheap Monday
Red flannel shirt £12.99
Nirvana cap £7.99
Timeless sunglasses £25 Cheap Monday
Manic Panic hair colour
Women’s oversized MOTO denim jacket £45
Kings of Leon vest £25
Renegade t-shirt £12.99
New Look Curves rock tee £12.99
Thick Velvet Choker £8 Topshop
Batiste Wild dry shampoo
NYX velvet matte lipstick
Mini velvet backpack £26 Topshop
Super skinny leather look trousers £15 (sale price) River Island
Metallica T-shirt £24.99 HM
Metallica Vest £12.99 HM
High waisted distressed boyfriend fit jeans
Vans Sammie Beanie
Adidas originals branded patch beanie £25 ASOS
Leather perforated Chuck Taylor hi-tops, Converse £43
Dr Martens Multi eye Darie boots  £135
Dr Martens Classic Patent Boots £90




  1. October 29, 2016 / 5:57 pm

    Wish I could be a little bit less girly sometimes and let my nearly bobbed hair down and throw caution to the wind and go grungy…i must try it this autumn/winter at least once 🙂 xxx

      • October 29, 2016 / 6:16 pm

        I like pink too much and you can’t be a pink grunger can you? I could start a trend I suppose 😂 xx

    • November 1, 2016 / 2:59 am

      Elizabeth, really glad you like the looks I put together. I am a massive fan of mixing trends, I think mixing a high glam fabric like velvet (I agree, it’s such a hot fabric right now) with a grunge type look works really well. I definitely have a rock edge to my personal style, just wish I had a voice to back it up 😚

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