It's time to embrace your inner cat lady!

It's time to embrace your inner cat lady!

The Cat Lady…once seen as a lonely spinster, the great unwashed, the frumpy one or all of the above. Not anymore…cats are officially cool. In fashion terms at least (and in every sense in my eyes).


(From top to bottom, left to right)  Textured Cat Jacquard Shell top- Paul and Joe Sister £145. Cat in the pocket t-shirt- Paul and Joe Sister £70.  Cotton t-shirt with cat print- People Tree x Peter Jensen £32, Shirt in stripe with cat pocket £65- Lazy Oaf, Pink Cat print t-shirt £7.99.

The debate over dogs vs cats has long been fought over, in terms of style points the dog has had this battle won for the last few years. With the pug/daschund/french bulldog being the ultimate stylish companion. These dogs have been plastered across sweaters, socks, stationary, essentially any surface you can put a pug on, has had a pug put on it (try saying that after a couple of glasses of prosecco). It seems now that this trend is coming to an end and In its place cat printed garments are everywhere.



Having owned cats all my life, (shout out to the current lot, Pippa, Pepper, Dave and Fat Boy) I have never had the opportunity to give my love of these felines a fashion nod. Unlike my dog owning counterparts and their “pugs not drugs” tees, Givenchy Rottweiler totes and other such Canine inspired items.

The rise of the cat trend has to be in part due to celebrity cat lovers…cue Taylor Swift. Tay Tay is one hugely influential cat lover…I mean look what she and Calvin did for inflatable swans, I haven’t wanted an oversized, novelty inflatable so much since Supermarket sweep was on television. (Images: Left, from and Right, from

Of course the nations love of dogs will remain and pups will continue to be viewed as the ultimate companion. The cat will be seen, like always,as cold and demanding, owning one often likened to a job, or a somewhat thankless task.


(From top to bottom, left to right) Cat print shirt and iron on patch- Both Stradivarious, multi cat print t-shirt £16 ASOS, Denim jumpsuit with cat pocket detail, all over sky blue cat print, Pink knit with cat motif all- Paul and Joe Sister £190, £145 & £170 respectively, Sequin cat badge t-shirt, Pyjama print blouse, sleeveless cat print shirt, all- ASOS £14, £36 & £28.

However, things are looking up for cats. Not only are they one of the most covetable prints of the season but they are also hot property for scientists. With recent research finally coming to the defence of cats…cats aren’t cold, just misunderstood (no I’m not joking, see this article featured in “stylist magazine” cats are officially the victims of prejudice and false assumptions: see link below).

So whether you are a cat person, or a dog person. There is no escaping the former for the foreseeable. The great news, whatever your style may be there is a piece out there that is puuurfect (so cheesy, Im sorry I couldn’t resist such an obvious pun) for you, sophisticated? try the pyjama tops or jacquard with hidden cat details, casual? go for bold all-over print tees, cute? wear pink fluffy sweaters with large cat motif, even those of you who are sceptical of embracing seasonal trends could embrace those more subtle pieces such as the lazy oaf shirt with hidden cat pocket (pictured above) and if domestic cats aren’t for you then why not try a big cat motif, suggestion below.


Box Clutch, £65 French Connection

Happy Shopping.

Cats are as affectionate as dogs, says science. We’re just misunderstanding their purrs and blank faces | Stylist Magazine:


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