Doodle Art: The end of Brangelina marks the beginning of a new seasonal trend.

Doodle Art: The end of Brangelina marks the beginning of a new seasonal trend.

Alas, Brangelina are no more (sob, sob). But “that” dress is becoming relevant all over again what with this emerging trend. No, I’m not referring to the 2012 Oscars, black velvet, atelier Versace gown that catapulted her right leg to superstardom. I don’t think anyone will be recreating the “Angies right leg” Twitter page any time soon. Though you could be forgiven for thinking this is the trend I’m referring too as Velvet is featuring so heavily this season.


2012 Oscars velvet gown (image from Huffington Post)

The dress in question is the wedding dress…that’s right, the custom (once again) atelier Versace number that featured the doodles of the younger members of the Brangelina clan.  The irony that those tiny would-be dress designers are suggested by media reports to be the very source of those “irreconcilable differences” is also not wasted here. As a wedding dress, this doodle gown did nothing for me (I apologise to those of you that echo my feelings- please feel free to skip the pic below to avoid any nasty reminders). I get the sentiment and it was a sweet idea, but it just didn’t tickle my pickle. As a style statement, however, I have to acknowledge that good ol’ Angie was onto something. Maybe ahead of her time…because this style is everything right now (though should be limited to everyday wear and not for any member of the bridal party!)


The doodle I do. (image:

Doodles, sketches, notes and musings scrawled onto garments are cropping up both on the catwalks and the high-street. Although this could be viewed as a seasonal trend that is challenging to embrace, the joy of “doodle dressing” is that you can be as subtle/muted or as out there as you like (see suggestions pictured below & bottom- available now).


All over doodle shirt- (above) shirts from Zara (below left and centre) and Stradivarius (below right)

Though I joke, I don’t believe the rise of the sketch trend is to commemorate the demise of Brad and Angies’ relationship or in turn, their reign as King and Queen of the celeb spousal kingdom (I respect the sanctity of marriage and am as saddened that another relationship has succumbed to the Hollywood curse as anyone!). I suspect the “post split” arrival of this alternative street style is purely coincidental. However, the timing is just perfect, those of you suffering in the wake of this split can now dress yourself in doodle art and find comfort from your grief by wearing a reminder of happier times.


From top-bottom (Left-Right)- Keep it Sunny Tee by Tee and Cake £22, Neon Sign Plunge Swimsuit by Jaded London £40, Camo Weave Dress by Illustrated People £33 (sale price @Topshop), Rainbow Doodle Print Blouse by Sister Jane £56, Bomber Jacket in Painted Doodle by ASOS x Phiney Pet £60, Doodle T-Shirt by ASOS (Mens) £12.50 (sale price), All over doodle Co-Ord Underwear by Emporio Armani.


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