The Body Shop is All Grown-Up

The Body Shop is All Grown-Up

Gone are the animal shaped soaps that I used to collect as a kid. The bold packaging is nowhere to be found and as for the “smell it before you see it situation”, let’s just say I was already inside perusing the products before it dawned on me I was in The Body Shop.

Celebrating  its 40th birthday this year. The brand has never looked, smelt, felt so good. Body shop has had an overhaul and I am in love! Sleek packaging adorns the shelves, monochrome with a splash of metalic you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a high end boutique, only better. The business seems to be living up to Anita Roddicks vision more than ever with campaigns against Sex Trafficking and exploitation. Numerous campaign targets have been set for 2020 including reducing their own environmental footprint (see for the full manifesto). The ethos is the same, it’s still all about cosmetics with a conscience only now it looks great doing it.

It’s not only the image that as had an overhaul. The products have too!

My top New products include:

Chinese Ginseng & Rice- Clarifying Polishing Mask: All I can say is it’s no surprise ginseng is a banned substance for athletes, because given what it did for my skin, can only imagine its impact on a persons athletic abilities when consumed in significant quantities!

This mask is essentially face food- but not your average diet, I’m talking raw, low gm, vegan, superfoods for your face.Perfect to use once weekly in place of regular exfoliation.


Tea Tree Anti-imperfection daily solution: This product deserves cult status. Seriously, if  there were an altar I could worship it I would and I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be alone. To say I’m a body shop convert would be an understatement. I used a few drops after cleansing in the evening and during the day I mixed it with my foundation and blemishes were much improved. It also makes your skin feel unbelievably clean. Like that advert for toilet paper where the kids describe how clean it makes their bottoms, as an adult I am unable to find the words to describe the freshness you feel when using this product.


Polynesian island tiara fragrance mist: Nothing quite puts you off a scent than vomiting every time you are exposed to it, due to the doubled hormones of my twin pregnancy this is exactly how I responded to my pre-pregnancy perfumes. Although I’m no longer pregnant I have developed a Pavlovian response to all my best loved scents (sob). Cue this spray. It’s the perfect re-introduction to olfactory stimuli, enough to smell good and not so much I’m sick. Added bonus points- it’s not too much for new babies either (win, win).

With all this newness it’s worth mentioning firm favourites are still there such as the vitamin E skincare range and the super rich body butters (only somewhat unrecognisable thanks to aforementioned makeover). My favourite classic product is the Vitamin C energising face mist, I use this to set my make-up after application (something I need to do otherwise my face gets shinier than a TOWIE extras overly-botoxed brow) it works a treat and as far as its “energising” properties, I have been told I look well and as a new mum of twins I can assure you that is not the result of a good nights sleep!

The best part. Despite its new image, the products remain affordable (some skin care products have actually seen a reduction in price) unless you buy the entire store, which I will be honest is a real threat…I had to be escorted out by my husband who sadly doesn’t share my “it’s more affordable than my usual brand of skincare, therefore I can buy double” approach.

For extra happy shopping students get 30% off in September…

Enjoy xx
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