Dressing a mum-tum…

Dressing a mum-tum…

Twins Sloane (L) & Maximilian (R)

12 days ago I brought two adorable humans into the world. I am still getting my head around this, I look at them and cannot believe they are mine. I often find I put my hand on my tummy expecting to find the comfort of my solid bump only to discover that a tender, wobbly, shelf tummy has been left in its place. On conversation with well meaning friends and family I have learned that this shelf (the overhanging muffin top above my c-section scar) is widely referred to as a mum-tum! I am told this will be a temporary state, though frankly in my hormone fuelled state I don’t really care.



34 weeks with the twins

The thing is pregnancy is an ordeal for the body, you stretch and expand in ways I never thought possible. I coped with this, at term with my twins I carried over 11lbs of baby not to mention all the other gubbins. What I struggled with was maternity clothing. I wanted to be me but I couldn’t, the maternity style that existed in my mind was unattainable due to the fact that on the high street it doesn’t exist. All maternity wear involves ruching or tie waists. It doesn’t follow current trends or allow for any kind of statement, it simply serves a purpose in my eyes….to make you look on the outside, how you feel inside…tired, not yourself and fed-up! At least this was my experience. I lusted after being “me” again. I couldn’t wait to have my babies and return to the delights of my wardrobe… I naively believed I would slip straight back into my well rested threads and that it would feel like the day after a shopping spree for a while with countless “new” options available each day…

Well, hello reality. How nice of you to stop by. No longer pregnant but also no longer the same me of before. Why would I be? My ribs have been forced to widen, my hips have gained inches under the weight of the babies and my tummy now has a shelf. The scales show the same number but my shape has changed and I am OK with that. This is not something to beat myself up about, this should be viewed the same way as when I changed my hair colour… So the beautiful Chloe blouse in pale yellow doesn’t do for brunette me what it did for blonde, it had to go. But now lovely bright DVF prints sit in its place and work for me.

What is my point? Dressing a mum-tum is not about rushing to “get back” to pre-pregnancy you…that person is gone and for good reason. This is an excuse to go shopping…embrace boyfriend and oversized styles to give your body time, show off your newly toned upper arms that have benefitted from countless baby lifts, throw yourself into the comfort of the current sportswear trend (winning due to fashion points and comfort factor with added mum-friendly practicality). A mum tum is a great thing….

An excuse to go shopping (online, obviously because we only have a 2 hour window between feeds at best!)

fellow mum-tummers…. We’ve got this.



  1. Amanda
    August 20, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    Aww such a fabulous blog hun. Motherhood is a huge adaption in all ways. You really do become someone else overnight. But it is a journey I would take over and over because with the hardships and challenges comes so much love and happiness. Although some days are just pants 😂. X

  2. Karen
    August 20, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    You are beautiful mommy. Treasure each morning and afternoon and evening. Make wonderful memories. This is your life Jenn. With much love. KAREN CLARK

  3. Sophie Jones
    September 2, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    I’m really enjoying reading your blogs… It’s amazing just what becoming a parent does to you as a person. I remember when Poppy was born, I had the same disalugened thinking that I too would be able to ‘ensure that having a baby wouldn’t change me’. I longed for time to be me, to sleep, to even go to the toilet without feeling the need to rush, now after 13 months, I’m back at work for a mere 7 hours a week… I spend the whole time rushing around, thinking about Poppy and if I do so happen to get a spare minute to pop out to the shops, I then scurry home with a whole bag filled to the brim in clothes for her, so basically Jen, it doesn’t get any better ! 😜 x

    • September 2, 2016 / 10:32 pm

      Thanks Sophie. Glad you are enjoying. Your daughter is beautiful x

  4. Karen Clark
    September 3, 2016 / 10:12 am

    Lovely piece and well written.

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