Nostalgic for the '90s

Nostalgic for the '90s

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I can vividly remember shopping trips with my mum when I was in my very early teenage years. It was the late ’90s and you couldn’t walk 3 paces in a store without happening upon a Mickey Mouse print, smiley face or bucket hat.


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On these trips I would pick up items and show them to my mum (a will you buy me these/this gesture) but sometimes i didn’t get quite the response i’d hoped for. My mum would look at what I was angling after and she would say “I used to have some just like that!”. Usually this would mean I would put the item down and move on, perhaps my mum had found an ingenious way to save money without having to say no!? Or maybe fashion trends play out on some kind of loop.┬áIt is now at the age of 30 that I am fairly certain the latter is true. Recently, I noticed that stepping into Topshop or urban Outfitters is like stepping into a time machine. I am transported back to these memories of shopping trips with my mum, only now I say to myself…you used to have a set just like these!

Seeing as I found it off putting in my adolescence the mere idea that my mum may have owned something similar to what I liked, should I be repulsed by the idea of shopping for clothing and accessories that 13 year old me used to rummage through? Does this mean I am too old for these stores? Do I need to delete my shopping apps for these retailers and move onto greener pastures?


Nineties Vibes- Dungarees (NewLook) and a slogan tee (ASOS)

I can’t answer these questions objectively. I haven’t run any polls to gain a general consensus. As it stands I still manage to find things I like in these stores and as long as this remains the case I will continue to spend my money there. Furthermore, it is worth noting that my tastes have changed- the items I once owned are not the ones I’m fawning over now. I am wearing the trends of that era that I merely wished I could have worn back then. The things my 13year old self didn’t even have the confidence to try on.

As I enjoy a walk down memory lane as much as the next person, I am loving the chance to relive such a great era of fun fashion. I am currently living in dungarees and bucket hats and I am managing to (hopefully) avoid looking like a Mario Brother or long lost member of East 17. It seems that I find dressing as 13 year old me wanted to, not only nostalgic but highly liberating. I recommend indulging your inner tween before reaching a time when we tell our daughters “I had a pair just like that” and have to watch them squirm!


In love with this Acid Wash Denim bucket Hat- see Instagram for details

Below are some links for my favourite 90s vibes items:

Available Now: Jeans (Zara) Sweatshirt (Topshop), Stripe tube socks (NewLook)




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