The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018 and How to Wear them Today and for the Duration of the Year

The Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018 and How to Wear them Today and for the Duration of the Year


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Trends, they come and they go. Some have more staying power, others have no business being worn in the first place. Take Thuggs – as in Thigh High Ugg Boots. Apparently, Thuggs are an actual trend, really?  I can’t find words to describe how horrific this is, so I will describe them in the words of Cosmopolitan UK “Wearing Thuggs, is like wearing the foreskin of a giant”. I rest my case.

Other trends we will be seeing more of in 2018 include silk shorts (if your picturing the little skimpy things you’ve seen guys wearing whilst they play Saturday 5 a side, sadly you’re spot on), woven/straw bags – though be warned – the natural rough textures of these bags can wreak havoc on delicate garments. Personally, I’m gutted to have to choose between wearing silk shorts or a cute woven bag… (if my sarcasm isn’t permeating through your screen, then you’re not reading it right.)

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If the sun won’t shine then I will. All whilst looking lovingly at my woven bag and dreaming of the Mojitos I’m going to make with all these limes.

Im going to spend this post focusing on one of the hottest trends, then in part 2 I will look at  2 more trends. The ones that deserve the attention and that have the potential to outlast fast fashion. I’ll be discussing the colour of the moment, the details you want to look for in separates and the bag you need to invest in. I hope you enjoy.

Colour of the moment YELLOW:

It’s a tricky colour to pull off, but anyone can. You can wear bold shades of yellow with earthy tones and not look like Sponge Bob and you can (unexpectedly) pair it with pinks and not look like Big Bird, there is an art to being taken seriously and that art is in the styling. Try tailored pieces like blazers or high-waisted trousers, add the right colour pairings and you will have nailed it. Great colour pairings include “colour opposites” (these are shades found opposite yellow on the colour wheel) such as purple or blue- think dark denim for a casual look. Other colour pairings include earthy tones such as tan or rust- these work particularly well with mustard or egg yolk yellows. Finally, you could really push the boundaries and wear it with closing shades such as pink (even pastel pink) or if that totally freaks you out then neutrals are always a safe bet. There is a tonne of ideas over on my Pinterest. Selecting the right shade is essential, there are so many hues in the yellow spectrum that theres a shade for everyone. From pastels, to mustards, to sunshine and egg yolk and even neons, every sunny shade has a place in 2018 fashion.


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Pastel shades look great on those with cooler skin tones. Got warmer skin tones, mustard and egg yolk will work well for you. If you’re not sure if you have warm or cool skin tones, have a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If these veins have a bluish hue, you are most likely to have cool undertones. If the veins appear more greenish then you’re more warm toned.

Neons and colouring crayon brights look best on dark or tanned skin. I’m a prolific sun-avoider so in order to pull off this bold dress, I had to reach for the fake tan. Find out what tan I use and my tips for a streak free application in my February & March Beauty Review.

If wearing bold colours makes you feel uncomfortable, I’ve shared a whole bunch of tips in my post The art of dressing colourfully.

Does yellow feature in your wardrobe? What is your favourite way to wear this bold colour?

Jennifer xox

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