How to apply your base makeup like a pro.

How to apply your base makeup like a pro.

Meghan Trainor was seriously onto something when she sang “I’m all about that base…” Its actually pretty sound advice and though I’m sure not in the way intended, the song really resonates with me.

What is your makeup base?

Like foundations of a new build home, if done poorly, your makeup will not withstand the slightest tremor, let alone your morning commute on the Jubilee line. I need my makeup to stay put, I literally look like I’m dying without it. I think of it as an investment, time spent on the foundations will ensure I get my time back in lieu of numerous touch ups. Now, I can only speak for my own skin. I know everyone is different and so are their skin needs, thats why throughout this post I am sharing some tips from some of my fellow bloggers and a few girl boss makeup artists.

Tweet: Your makeup base is like the foundations of a building, mess it up and the whole lot will fall down!

Prepare and Protect:

Skincare is like the architects drawings to our face (yes I’m sticking with this building analogy!). Prior to applying makeup you should cleanse and apply a toner to close the pores. At this stage I also apply sun protection. I am extremely fair- my natural skintone has an unhealthy bluish tinge and at winter time I’m verging on translucent. That said, I don’t think SPF should be skipped in any skin type, its the key to keeping lines at bay. I recommend Ultrasun for face as its non-sticky and double as a moisturiser.

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I have recently added these masks from Formula 10.0.6 to my skin care routine

Prime time:

Primer is the next essential step. I could refer to it as the cement to the foundations but I will spare you all the torture and abandon this analogy, I think you get the message.

Instagrammer and Blogger “Akcessme” – Kirsten suffers with oily skin and recommends using Milk of Magnesia as a skin primer. She states that its affordable, easy to apply, lasts well and WORKS!

I have previously told you all about my love of Too Faced, The Hangover in my post How to look like you’ve had a good nights sleep.. I still use this regularly. As a recovering “makeup snob” I am also loving PS Pro Illuminating primer by Primark. Its amazing and at only £5 its super affordable.

Professional Make-up Artist Jamie  (who also has her own makeup line and is some sort of eyebrow whisperer) actually creates her own base by combining primer, face serums and vitamin C drops. I will most certainly be giving this a go.

What is Colour Correction in makeup?

Probably the latest make-up fad since contouring. The colour correction bandwagon is going strong and I am riding shot gun. Colour correction is the process of cancelling out unwanted imperfections. I use it to disguise under-eye dark circles, pimples, scars and redness.

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My colour correction hero (and my style icon)

Green: Cancels out redness. *Best Buy: Loreal Infallible Palette as it contains 7 shades of super blend able correctors and concealer.

Purple: illuminates dull complexions and cancels out yellow tones. *Best Buy: see above.

Yellow: perfect for disguising bluish/purple marks such as veins or dark circles. *Best Buy: Lemon aid by benefit as its easy to apply, long wearing and doesn’t crease.

Orange: for those with darker skin tones for hiding under-eye dark circles or skin discolouration.

I once got a great tip from Beauty Blogger, Instagrammer and YouTuber Sylvia from Sylvia Loves the Makeup that in colour correction palettes, you can use the concealers that are too dark for your complexion to contour. I haven’t looked back, being so fair skinned I no longer need to look for contour the perfect palette (it doesn’t exist BTW, they are all to dark!).

How to Select the Perfect Foundation:

There are so many foundations out there and as a result so many potential pitfalls. There are some simple steps you can take to avoid them:

  1. Decide upon the coverage you want– translucent, medium-coverage or full coverage? BB and CC creams tend to be translucent/slightly tinted- I really like The Body Shop all in one BB cream as its cruelty free and is buildable to a fuller coverage. For medium to full coverage you can’t beat the Loreal Infallible range.
  2. Think about the finish you want and be realistic about your skin type: If you have dull/dry skin you should consider an illuminating finish such as NARS sheer glow foundation. If you have combination/oily skin then you need to look for something with Mattifying property such as Clarins Ever Matte Balancing Foundation. There are many other products out there geared to specific problems such as enlarged pores or age spots and pigmentation and for these speciality products I highly recommend Clinique.
  3. Finding the perfect shade. This is probably the biggest challenge and many people still use the back of their hand to select the best colour or the inner side of their wrist. Before I got myself better informed this is exactly what I did. Now I test shade against my neck or behind my ear- somewhere that has very little sun exposure and therefore will be my “true” skin tone. Occasionally I have selected a foundation  based on performance despite it not being quite the right shade… on these occasions I customise the shade with The Body Shops- Shade Adjusting Drops.
  4. Finally, I always look for products that are non-comodogenic, this is written in small print on the bottle usually and essentially means the product doesn’t block pores and so doesn’t cause spots/breakouts.
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My name is Jennifer and I am a foundation addict.

How to apply foundation correctly:

The truth is, there isn’t a right way. Some say apply with your finger tips whilst others swear by sponges, brushes or even oval brushes. I don’t use my fingers except to apply under-eye concealer (it blends better when warmed between your finger tips). Some evidence suggests that applying foundation with your fingers transfers oil to the makeup effecting its composition and durability and potentially causing breakouts. My preferred method is a makeup sponge for the main face and a small oval brush for concealer.

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*Sings: these are a few of my favourite things

*Best Buys: Oval Brushes by Primark £3lab 2 beauty £4.99- available in the UK at ASDA and OCADOBeauty Blender Cleanser

Apply foundation from the centre of your face outwards and down towards your décolletage.

How to Finish and Refresh your Makeup:

Foundation essentially evens your face to one shade, whilst this is great for obscuring imperfections, we still need to have some “natural contours” to our face to highlight our features. Apply a light reflecting concealer under the eyes and wherever needed (this should be 2 shades lighter than your foundation). Following this you can create natural contours easily by using the “3 B” or Butterfly method- apply bronzer to your face as if you were drawing a number 3 or a B- starting at your forehead/temples extending down to the hollows of your cheeks and then along the jaw. Follow with a touch of blush to the apples of your cheek and highlighter to the high points of your face (nose, cupids bow, cheekbones and brows). Finish with the life changing tonic by PIXI beauty glow mist £16, this can also be used sparingly throughout the day to “pep” your base up!

And thats its… with these steps you can simply add lashings of mascara and you’re good to go or the fun stuff can really begin as you now have the perfect base makeup for some creative festival looks or even a red lip (read How to create the perfect red lip. here).

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Red Hot Mamma!

What are your favourite foundations or base makeup products? Or is there a product you tried and wouldn’t buy again? I’d love to hear it. Plus, if you think your friends would like my tips on how to create the perfect base makeup then go ahead and click share!



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