The Spring Trend Edit

The Spring Trend Edit

This week I’m taking a look at the unavoidable trends that are either continuing to (or about to) overrun the highstreet. As always you can shop the blog by clicking the links beneath the pictures.

The New Arrival Trend- Gingham:

With many countries claiming Gingham to be a firm feature in their textile history, this fabric always has been a hot commodity. From Dorothy- who owned the yellow brick road in her gingham blue dress to 1960s mods and even the Wild West- This fabric is nothing if not versatile. Variations can be found in colour and size of cheques. The 2017 update favours small cheques in a number of colour variations. Added sex-appeal can be found when wearing tops Bardot style. Pairing with denim is tricky…you could be in serious danger of being mistaken for some wayward cowgirl. If denim is your “go to”, then consider white or pastel variations and proceed with caution.

The “Still Here” Trend- Floral Details:

I recently told you how Floral Print for Winter? was a big deal. Well, it seems it was so big that its still here for Spring. Though unlike the floral prints of Seasons gone by, 2017 sees it amped-up with studs, leather and chunky appliques. This is florals with an edge.

I have been pairing my floral bag (see feature image) with everything from Gingham peg trousers to oversized denim jackets and biker boots. Statement Floral pieces can be a serious financial investment (yes, Gucci Mules that are sitting in my shopping basket but destined never to see me click buy…I am talking about you), this trend has been going for some time and so if like me you haven’t invested yet then I probably wouldn’t do so now. Especially when the highstreet has so many exceptional offerings (My bag was £25- that is less than it costs to collect all the stamps on a Cafe Nero Loyalty card and I don’t know about you, but I’d take Handbags over free coffee any day!)

The “Brewing” Trend- Yellow:

I’m not talking fruits, there are no lemons or bananas here. This yellow trend is something far more spicy- think tumeric and mustard. These yellow shades have a real warmth to them. Add a pinch of cold shoulder or fluted sleeves and you have the recipe for some serious style.

….And yes, you can wear these trends together 😉

 Which of these trends are you wearing?



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