How to look like you've had a good nights sleep.

How to look like you've had a good nights sleep.

You look tired…

Jet lag, night shift, burning the candle at both ends? We’ve all been there in one way or another, gripped by exhaustion only to have to face the world and be an adult.

And what is it about looking tired that makes other people want to discuss it? I mean, you telling me I “look tired” does about as much for my mood as it does for my eye bags do for my face… Nada!

Those who know me will be aware that I’m a mum to twins (Maximilian & Sloane, 7months), a former shift worker, a frequent flyer and a general “bite off more than I should theoretically be able to chew” kind of person. It is for these reasons that I feel I am verging on “Expert” level qualified to tell you my tips for looking rested.

Believe me, looking rested is half the battle to feeling that way.

I also feel it wouldn’t be right for me to write this post without mentioning good ‘ol Gwynneth Paltrow, who has recently made headlines as she has been “Gooping” on about clean sleeping. Though once again, some of her tips though a little pricey (£??? Copper infused pillow cases that you can’t wash with detergent, really?) are somewhat informed and dare I say it? helpful. It’s like oil pulling all over again (Don’t know what I’m going on about? click this link (Coco)nuts about oil pulling… ). If you fancy a nosey at GOOP curated by Gwyneth Paltrow read you can visit by clicking HERE.


How to look rested:

1) Less is More: Calvin Klein once said “it takes a lot of make-up to look natural.” Whilst this is true, the key is to choosing the right products and wearing them sparingly. (See my recommended products below). One key rule (that I battled against for the longest time) is keep away from bronzer when you’re tired. Tired faces need rosy glows from blush.

2) Hydration: when we are dehydrated our lips crack and our eyes look sallow. This is aging and if you’ve not slept well….lets just say combining the two is creating a perfect storm. Water is obviously a great choice, but when I’m really thirsty and tired I reach for coconut water. This contains electrolytes such as potassium, which helps cells to produce energy, as well as each glass containing around 5mg of natural sugar helping you stave off cravings for quick fixes (you know what I’m talking about, the I’m so tired I need a donuts/crisps/sweets/chocolate/anything I can grab phase.)

3) Hair brushing: Stick with me because this is a little “out there”. I recently heard that tapping a natural bristle hairbrush on your head several times in the morning prior to brushing your hair helps release energy. So, with “what have I got to lose, I’m on the edge of my sanity” twin mum desperation mindset, Ive been trying it. I can’t say its definitely helped, but I also can’t say it doesn’t.

Essential Beauty Products to help you look like you’ve actually achieved the coveted 8hours:

(*you can shop all these products direct on the image at the end of this segment.)

1) Too Faced “Hangover” Replenishing primer: I can only describe this as a drink for your face. A delicious, coco-nutty, probiotic, superfood, facial-drink! My skin laps this up, I almost feel brave enough to use it alone and skip the foundation (Almost!). It makes foundation application a dream and creates a gorgeous glow without being oily or shiny. Its also great on sensitive skin.

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Rested Face Essential Kit 

2) Bye-Bye Undereye: This product is full coverage, anti-aging and water-proof. It has an award winning formula referred to by the creators as “Drops of Light Technology”. I discovered this product whilst shopping my way through NYC- it was a panic purchase because I looked knackered and my regular concealer wasn’t cutting it. I tried it the following morning and I’ve not looked back. I refer to this as “Sleep in a tube” and I loved it so much, I went and bought another 4 tubes. A little goes a long way too. I completely agree with the claims that it makes skin look younger.

*Application tip– apply with your ring fingers. Warm a tiny amount between the pads of the finger and dab until blended. This product doesn’t blend well with sponges or brushes but with fingers it works a treat. By using the ring finger, you apply less pressure and as a result its kinder to the delicate skin around the eyes.

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The Holy Grail of Concealers

3) Eye masks: Pictured is the anti-fatigue Pommegranate edition of the Sephora Collection. These are the modern day equivalent of cucumbers to the eyes, only they come with some pretty 21st century benefits – they “hug” the contours of the under-eye area and active ingredients penetrate the skin creating a more revitalised look.

*Application Tip- Keep the pack in the fridge for an hour prior to use for added zing!

4) Wonder pencil: From NYX, applied along the waterline of the eye creates an immediate “wide awake” look. I carry mine in my bag for touch-ups and it doubles as an emergency concealer. It can also be used as a neutral lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding. Its an all around wonder, which I suppose, shouldn’t be surprising.

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Sleep on a tray.

5) Awakening range from Gaia: The lovely folks at Gaia Spa sent me a few products from this range to try. I was in no way obligated to feature the products in this post. But, I had to share them with you guys! They contain a signature aroma that is both uplifting and awakening. The oil is especially good, I have been dabbing it onto pulse points on my wrists and taking a few moments to inhale the scent (It transports me, making me feel like I’m at a spa). This is a range to be explored.

6) Naked colour correction range by Urban Decay:  I use the yellow prior to applying my concealer under my eyes and on my lids. The yellow tones are perfect for cancelling out my purple hued dark circles. The range has other colours too that can disguise tired eyes on most skin tones. Plus they don’t crease, which is essential. Because nothing makes you look more tired than caked and creased make-up.

The “practically sleep” beauty heroes links:

Finally, caffeine should be avoided in order to aid sleep. It has long lasting stimulant effects and it can dehydrate your body. This is bad news for looking rested. However, I can’t deny the kickstart a morning caffeine hit gives me (if you want a super antioxidant rich energy boost in the morning the click Here to read about the benefits of Matcha)

Or, if you are all about the coffee. Then head over to my post Does “Skinny Coffee” work?

And thats it… My solution to getting little sleep would ideally be get more! But that is not always realistic and so these products certainly help me pretend I’ve slept well. Some days they work so well I even kid myself. Do you have any tips for how to look rested? thumbnail_fontcandy



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