The Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in New York.

The Best Places to Stay, Eat and Shop in New York.

Eating our way through NYC…

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Breakfast in bed courtesy of The Park South Hotel and Bagel Schmear (I had an “Everything” bagel with light vegetable cream cheese and a large non-fat latte, most days)

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Brunch at Sarabeths…

Breakfast in NYC:

Breakfast whilst on a city break should be taken one of two ways…in bed or on the go. There is no in between. Most days we went for bagels. This isn’t doing them justice. How can I say it that will put it into context how good a bagel is from Bagel Schmear…? I can’t, there are no words. Bagels from Bagel Schmear are nothing short of life affirming! Essentially you haven’t lived until you’ve had one. That’s how good they are. And they make a pretty spot on banana loaf too.

Brunch in NYC…

Brunch is to be taken at Sarabeths.

Not the spot for a cheap bite to eat. But if you want to eat and feel like a bonafide member of the Sex and the City squad, then this is the spot for you. It won’t last for long though, upon leaving you’ll be less “Carrie” and more “Carry me home, I ate too much and can’t walk anymore”. My personal highlights include the Granola with yoghurt, banana and honey. Buttermilk pancakes and the sultana and apple French toast. FYI don’t waste your time with coffee here, do it properly and drink champagne.

Another good spot is “The Paris Baguette” a french patisserie that offers the most delectable treats (pictured above). Perfect, if you can’t spare the time to sip champers in Sarabeths.

Lunching in NYC…

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The best cinnamon donuts in Manhattan (ironically not in Brooklyn)

Covina (for website click here) restaurant serves the most insane grilled cheese sandwich, with a gherkin, soup and fries. It’s not good for the waistline but it is so good for the soul.  The dinner menu is pretty good too, with probably the best Broccoli I’ve ever eaten. Alternatively, there are some amazing food trucks in the city… You just have to know where to find them (Clue- they’re often located on 56th and Broadway, but they are mobile). I particularly enjoyed the fresh donuts from Carpe Donut.

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Lombardis Pizzeria- the original and the best, we had a pitcher of diet soda and a large 1/2 white and 1/2 margerhita with mushrooms and black olives.

Dinner in NYC:

I loved Lombardis Pizzeria in Little Italy, famous for being the first Pizza Place in the USA. The portions are huge and they serve soft drinks in pitchers, which at the time I was really excited about, but now I can’t remember why!?. The place is a labyrinth, with tables nestled everywhere and decorated in memorabilia from its history. There are also hundreds of gelato spots nearby and so perfect for dessert.

The Hotel:

We stayed at Park South Hotel. A total gem of a place. The service is second to none and it has a really homely vibe. The decor is chic and modern. The prices are competitive and the best part….


Image property of Park South Hotel- none of mine did this bar justice.

The Shopping:

  •  Woodbury Common Premium Outlets- Go early, plan your must visit stores and go here first. Hit Coach, Tory Burch and Michael Kors early as this is where the queues tend to be. An extra tip, sign-up to the VIP list online beforehand for extra savings (usually at least 10% more than offered with the visitor discount book on the day).
  • Century 21- for past season designer goods. I picked up a Rose Gold Coach Watch for an absolute steal.
  • 5th Avenue- for high-end luxury.
  • Macys- Go to the visitor centre first and apply for 10% off discount voucher (take your Passport) ALAS…it cannot be redeemed at Chanel, Gucci or the like.
  • Sephora- Check out my haul in the picture below. I recommend buying the boxsets which offer huge savings.
  • Columbus Circle-A chic, small indoor mall. Highlights include Dipytique.
  • West 34th Street near Empire State- My personal favourite as you can combine sightseeing and shopping. The Steve Madden store and Footlocker (the biggest one I’ve ever seen- it was like a shoe museum) are definitely worth a look.

So that concludes my guide to NYC….by no means exhaustive. You will always find something new in this city. That is why its one of my favourite places. Whats your favourite city? Have you been to NYC? Please share with me your recommendations, I’m always looking for tips.

My city guides will be concluding with two more posts coming soon: “How to pack for a city break- the capsule wardrobe” and “How to look like you’ve had a good nights sleep- A Jet-Lag special”.

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