Handbag essentials for a City Break…

Handbag essentials for a City Break…

The City Break:

We’ve all been there, you’re on a break in the city of your dreams, you want to see it all- do it all. But you just keep thinking “I really wish I had (insert desired item here)”. Well don’t fear. I’ve got your back. I have visited a fair few cities and as a result I have curated a list of tried and tested essentials. Items that I think are handbag “must-haves”. These are my saviours, the reason why on a recent trip to NYC I managed to stay out and about, doing my thing, in a blizzard for 11 solid hours.

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See, I told you there was a blizzard. Do I look bothered? No. Why? Because that handbag is full of gems!

Handbag Essentials:

  1. Tinted Lip Balm– Lipstick can be drying and requires maintenance. When I’m busy eating my way through a city, taking in new sights and new shops! The last thing I want to be stressing over is the question “has my lipstick smudged?” That said, I also want a pop of colour. Cue this dream from Burt’s Bees- the functionality of a lip balm with the colour of a light lipstick. Shout out to soft lips that look more Coco Chanel and less Coco the Clown. No mirror required.
  2. Sunglasses– Jet-Lag can be a real downer, hide tired peepers behind ultra sophisticated sunglasses. Sunny or not, UV rays are there and can damage your eyes and so I am never without shades in the city.
  3. Notebook and Pen– I confess, i’m a list maker. I know that phones have this functionality but, I just prefer good ol’ pen and paper. A notebook allows you to jot down restaurant names muttered by locals and friendly drivers. You can note street names that you want to circle back too (if your me, you can write down blog ideas as they come). The pen is Swarovski because, Mont Blanc would be pretentious… (joking)! And it has a built in USB which is handy and allows me to pretend i’m inspector gadget.
  4. Thermos Flask– In my previous post How to survive a long-haul flight… I told you about how if you cut me, I would probably bleed coffee. For this reason I need a thermos. As much as I love hot and Iced coffee, I hate tepid coffee. This thermos is from Gregory’s Coffee (the super friendly barista and cool interiors totally won me over, plus they do a pretty mean coffee) and it is so effective…I was still sipping HOT coffee 2 hours later. Added bonus, a thermos allows you to do your bit for the environment, 6.5 million trees are cut down each year to make disposable cups!!!- this is discussed in The Guardian, if you are not convinced, click here to learn more.
  5. Blister Plasters– Blisters are my nemesis. I swear, shoes that fit and were comfy one day, hate me the next and want to destroy me. Then there are the shoes I love to hate, that I wear knowing full well will torture me! At least with these genius blister plasters I can cope…the rest is nothing a pedicure can’t fix.
  6. Hand Cream– Bee Lovely from Neals Yard. Because dry hands happen and I haven’t got time for that. Plus, sticking with the developing environmental theme, this helps save the bees. Win Win.
  7. Pressed Powder-Sometimes you just want to be spontaneous and don’t have time to redo your face. This powder, with the lip balm is all you need to touch up and go.
  8. Camera-I love my Olympus-PEN. I cant travel without it. Warning- wearing around your neck in Times Square screams TOURIST and will result in lots of people (some dressed as batman) bothering you.
  9. Dry Shampoo– Day to night hair in a couple of sprays. I love Aussomee Volume as its such a handy sized bottle. Some reviews have complained about the nozzle breaking, I haven’t experienced this issue.
  10. Folding Hairbrush– Basic but important. The folding part is key- conventional brushes can snag items placed in your bag (true story and i’m still pretty cut-up about it..sob sob).
  11. Peppermints– I don’t really like gum. I’m a mint person. These mints are teeth friendly as they contain Xylitol. Peppersmith even have a subscription service which saves you 10%, so you never have to run out.
  12. Motives Primer- I was gifted this primer by the folks at motives cosmetics and I’m really liking it. I have been carrying it in my bag and applying it over shine throughout the day- not the way the product is intended to be used, but a great accidental discovery. This primer is therefore a handbag essential and a super multi-tasker. Well worth a look. You can shop this primer HERE.

That concludes my handbag essentials. Is there an item you cannot be without when in the city? I’d love to hear about it as I am always on the hunt for my next gem.


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