How to Wear Pink

How to Wear Pink

The Colour Pink

As a child I was obsessed, fuelled by Barbie and her fuchsia paraphanalia. As an adult, the contrast in opinion was stark, I found the colour pink to be a bit insipid. I thought id left it in the past, along with my Barbie. How wrong can you be? Pink it seems, is immortal.

Winter Pink?

Pink has always been a Spring/Summer player, this season though- the catwalks have been awash with everything from blush/petals to rose. Initially I struggled with the concept of winter pink- but if this trend has been welcomed by many a “Frower” then I felt I should at least try and embrace it. It seems there a few tricks in wearing your pink for winter…


Pink was big on the runways over fashion week. From top left to right- Preen, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, David Ferreira  (centre R and bottom L), Ryan Lo (bottom centre and R)

The Rules for Wearing Pink…

Commit to your pink shade and wear only one variation in each outfit. Mixing numerous shades of pink is firstly, a far stretch from the “head -to-toe” pink looks from the fashion shows and secondly, you run a very real risk of looking like one of those colour match strips for paint you find at B&Q.

If like me, all-over pink is a bit too much for you to handle then you should give careful consideration to the colour you wear it with. Grey and denim work really well for every day. However, at this time of year its nice to dress a bit more “special” and for that you need striking colours that are a little less obvious.

Pink and Tomato Red

Pink and Red are the hottest combination for festive glam.

Pink and Olive Green

The go-to combination for daytime chic.

Pink and Neon

Wear this while you can, it wont be around forever.
You can shop a pink and grey look here in my previous post Sweater season.
Grown-up pink should be classy and sophisticated NOT girly. The look should be more Olivia Pelermo and less Paris Hilton circa 2007. To work for winter the fabrics hold the key- think chunky knitwear, heavy suede, tweed, mohair, cashmere. The more texture, the better.

Finally, it seems the colour pink makes the world a better place…Here are some fun facts as to why:

  1. Studies have shown that cakes and pastries are believed to taste better when presented in pink boxes or on pink plates.
  2. Some prisons have painted their walls pink as it is thought to reduce erratic behaviour amongst inmates.
  3. One of the most beautiful cities Jaipur in India is called “The Pink City” due to a number of sites being built with pink coloured materials.
  4. In 1989, Pink Floyd’s album Delicate Sound of Thunder was the first rock record played in space.
  5. Gentoo penguins have pink poop!

Have you got a fun fact featuring the colour pink?
Are you  working this trend?
I would love to hear your thoughts.


      • December 11, 2016 / 12:46 am

        I’ve got a post coming featuring a pink sweater/green skinnies combo. We’ve got good taste haha

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