Geometry in Motion

Geometry in Motion

There is this joke-

“Life without Geometry is pointless.”

However, it seems that the fashion world is taking this literally, with Geometric style popping up all-over the place.

I for one wasn’t a big Mathematics/Geometry fan at school. At the risk of sounding like an air-head I’m going to share something with you, my favourite part of studying these subjects was getting to use my multicoloured compass and protractor set, maybe getting to go wild and use a highlighter pen- but that was where my enjoyment ended.

It would seem that I have changed since high-school. No I’m not referring to my love of all things “geek chic” (I have always been a geek, just not a mathematically minded one).  My reference is to a newfound love of Geometry, I am really enjoying wearing bold prints with sharp angles, or subtly acknowledging this trend with spherical jewellery.

Below are my 3 top looks that embrace geometry (You can shop the blog in the links [BRACKETED] beneath each image)


Autumnal colours in a smart Geometric Print Shirt Dress[Triangle Print DressSuede ankle bootsShoulder bagFaux fox stole,Oversized fedoraTriangle stud earrings]

How has your style changed since high-school? Have memories of trying to draw the perfect isosceles triangle scarred you to the point you could never wear this trend?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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