Product Placement- embracing being a walking advertisement

Product Placement- embracing being a walking advertisement

It recently occurred to me that I am part of a growing population of persons working for free. No, I’m not talking about a workers rights type scandal that would put a certain billionaire tycoon to shame. I am talking product placement, but with a twist.

Traditionally product placement is exactly as it sounds, the display of a brand, product, name or logo on a television show that attracts a large audience. This arrangement involves the brand paying for the privilege. And now, here I am planting the seed of a brand in the minds of those individuals who just so happen to cross my path. All in the name of fashion.

So, it would seem that somehow I have inadvertently become a (self titled) brand ambassador for Coca Cola- a drink that in all honestly I am ambivalent towards (probably due to the number of root canals my pop guzzling  spouse has managed to need over the years). I have been wearing logo t-shirts, sparkling “can” bags, baseball caps and even customising my old camo jacket with brand inspired patches. The irony that I am parading around wearing their logo in every which way is not wasted on me given my “take it or leave it” approach to the beverage.


Always..Skinny Dip London


An old jacket is given new life!

The thing is I’m not alone. Many of us are wearing our favourite (or not favourite in my case) brands and in turn we are providing a product placement type service only without charging the fee. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am a willing participant. Maybe it’s the nostalgia associated with the brand. Combined with its classic appearance and colour combos the fashion possibilities are endless and with collaborations with the likes of Skinnydip London, Wildfox and OPI there must be something in it!?


Matching my lips to the red accents in the badges. (NYX matte lip cream)

Another reason why I can’t grumble too much. Is that I’m not offering brand exclusivity. My  current obsession with wearing “everyday brands” on my clothes extends from Coca Cole to Jack Daniels, MTV and Nintendo shoes by VANs (pictured below- available


Jack Daniels Vest- ASOS

So where did this trend come from? Remember Anya Hindmarch and the cereals/detergents (see picture below from Are not to everyone’s taste (I personally loved). tThen there was the Moschino/McDonalds collection that really got this movement started back in 2014. Despite being a vegetarian , if you put a McNugget on a t-shirt i’d probably wear it, I love a quirky t-shirt. Given that I haven’t consumed a Maccy Ds for many a year (not including the odd “Big Mac no meat” order I have placed when slightly tipsy) and would still wear it, says something about the magnetism of this style.



Its pretty safe to say these brands are on to a winner, we willingly spread their message and pay for the privilege. Yet, I’m happy to send people subliminal messages to buy the stuff. The trend is fun, playful  and not going anywhere fast. See my top picks below:


(From top to bottom L-R) Coca-Cola Co-Ord by Wildfox, All over Cola- Truffleshuffle, Fanta/Jim Beam and Slush Puppy all from TruffleShuffle, Cola flavour Lip Smacker- Available at Claires Accessories, Coco Pops top-TruffleShuffle, Multi Backpack-Moschino, Coca Cola tee- similar available at ASOS.

Now go and grab a Big Mac no meat and a Coke…you know you want too…


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