All that glitters…

All that glitters…

Miley Cyrus may not be everyone’s idea of a style icon- she certainly isn’t someone I tend to model my appearance on. After all, I like my armpits clean shaven and tend to keep my tongue inside my mouth. But here we are, I have seen her working a style I’m rather fond of and it also happens to be bang on trend for AW16. In other news, pigs are keeping the birds company and hell is somewhere Elsa and Olaf are hanging out.

What is this style of Mileys that I am begrudgingly a fan of?

Glitter of course. You may think that this is not a trend you can wear personally. But it is so versatile and with so many ways to wear it, I am going to merely scratch the surface of options.

1) The “Miley” Glitter Root:

Perfect for the low maintenance girl, why bother getting your roots coloured when you can just slather on the sparkly stuff instead. This is such a versatile look as it can be anything from ultra glam to futuristic (see below for some of my favourite ways to wear glitter hair).


Source (to-bottom, left-right), the,

Often applied to pastel hair, this can look really fun. However, there is a more muted version. Applying rose gold or silver glitter to dark hair can deliver an uber glam and sophisticated result. Pink glitter works very well on blonde hair, albeit  tad Barbie esque!


2) The Glitter Lip:

Already seen on numerous runways at NYFW. The glitter lip is a must this season. The bonus, it is quite possibly the easiest statement lip to apply! The key to wearing glitter make-up for AW16 is to ensure its not too perfect, the lips should have a smattering of glitter and not be covered fully. The look is best opaque in the centre and then with a fade toward the edge of the lip giving an ombré effect. It should not be translucent as this is outdated and you will look like you are still wearing the sparkly lipgloss that came “free” from some tween magazine. At the time this was very cool and probably the sole reason for purchasing said magazine. But times have changed and so should our make-up! Mix this look up by combining different glitters or by applying over different shades of lipstick. (Links for the products I used to achieve the glitter lip pictured below can be found in the “links” section)

3) The Glitter Brow:

This has been all over the catwalks this September. It’s a tricky one to pull off, as it can give a slight “drag queen on stage” vibe. The look is created by covering your brows in super dilute eyelash glue (any stronger and you risk saying bye-bye to your brows-and what a disaster that would be, you only need to search the hashtag “browgameonfleek” to realise how important brows are these days!) you then dab on your chosen glitter with a foam eyeshadow applicator. In order to avoid looking like a unicorn with a cold has sneezed in your face come midnight, I suggest spritzing your glitter brows with hairspray to promote longevity!

Guys you don’t have to miss out, you too can rock some sparkle on your face. If you are the proud owner of a hipster beard, then why not shove a little glitter in it!? You can’t get too precious about the idea, especially given recent reports suggesting all sorts can be found in there (including some alluding to the presence of poop like bacteria-yuck) a bit of sparkle shouldn’t be a problem! (Images below from

4) Wear it:

On your nails- the glitter manicure isn’t exactly ground-breaking as far as statements go. But a good nod to the trend for those who like the “less is more” approach. This white manicure (OPI in alpine snow gel) with a dusting of white glitter gives an opal effect that looks gorgeous.

On your feet- go for a pair that would make Dorothy (wizard of Oz reference FYI) jealous. I am in love with my boots. No matter my mood, I just need to look at them and I smile. Unlike Dorothy’s, mine are gold and wearing them has the opposite effect on me, they make me want to go out! Glittery shoes should not take you home (though if you are hanging out with scarecrows and tin men then you probably should head to a place of safety!)


An extension of this trend is of course sequins (essentially glitter on steroids, the sequin is set to be huge for AW16). Go for double style points and wear a sequin covered bomber jacket.

5) Cover your stuff in it:

Coconut Lane London are the total embodiment of this trend, let your MacBook shine the way it was born to. Give your phone some much needed sparkle or even give a nod to the trend with some amazingly on point wall art. Shop now and use my exclusive code to save 20% (jenuine20)-link below.


All images taken from


Hopefully this will inspire those of you with glitter reservations to embrace the trend. After all more glitter only means one thing = less bitter.

Product list and links:
Glitter lips by beauty boulevard £12:50 (UK only) available from Superdrug: (I wore “Guilty Rose”)
Lip colour base: (I wore a selection of Matte Lip Creams by NYX cosmetics £5:50) available from Boots Chemist:
Glitter Beard Kit available £14:99 from
River Island Glitter Heeled Boots £40:00 available from ASOS:



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