Oreo Truffles: The perfect home-made gift

Oreo Truffles: The perfect home-made gift  

Milk, Plain and White Chocolate, Oreo truffles: Quick and easy to make and the perfect home made gift.

The Great British Bake Off has inspired me to get in the kitchen. I LOVE Oreos, but I also can’t be trusted with a packet in the house and when I bought a pack recently to satisfy a sweet craving I wanted to put the rest to good use. I adapted a recipe on http://www.oreo.com/recipes/ to create my own truffles.

Please see below for instructions:


(makes 20 truffles)

1 pack golden Oreos

1 pack traditional Oreos

cooking chocolate: dark/plain, milk and white

1 jar ready made caramel

sprinkles etc to decorate to taste

Place cookies inside a sandwich bag and crush using a rolling pin until cookies become a fine crumb (I made two batches, one with standard Oreos and one with Golden Oreos).

Mix with the caramel and roll into equal sized balls approximately 1 inch in diameter. Refrigerate for 30 mins on grease proof paper.

Meanwhile, melt the cooking chocolate in a heatproof dish over a pan of boiling water.

Remove the truffles from the refrigerator and dip into chocolate…coat some in milk, some in white and others in dark chocolate. Place on a sheet of grease proof paper and refrigerate for 15mins or until set.

Once set, remove from the refrigerator and repeat the process ensuring the that the second coat is of a different type of chocolate. Sprinkle with decorations (I used hundreds and thousands on the White chocolate truffles and white chocolate stars on the milk and dark ones).

Repeat the refrigeration process. Once set, place into decorative packaging.

Give to friends, colleagues or just keep them for yourself (they go really well with a Netflix binge).


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